Service with a Smile

Alumni Students

“I had a great dentist and hygienist growing up, and that’s how I ended up choosing this path.” Ashton Williams, a lifelong resident of Troy, is in her first semester of MCC’s year-long Dental Assistant Program. Dr. Donald Davis was William’s provider, whom she credits with her enthusiasm for the dentistry field.

Williams attended Montgomery County Early College, which she describes as a very fun experience with great teachers who were very caring and hands-on with student learning. With a paramedic mother, both her grandmas, and aunt being a registered nurse, Ashton always felt drawn to the medical field. Because she valued normal working hours and a stable family life, she chose the dentistry field. “I had such a good experience in the dental chair, that I knew I could give my patients the same good care that I received.”

Dental assistants help hygienists and dentists with many activities during an office visit, from collecting patient history, taking x-rays, sterilizing instruments, suctioning during treatment, disinfecting rooms, and teaching patients about how to brush and floss effectively. The other important duty that dental assistants perform is explaining procedures and keeping patients calm.

“It’s no secret, most people dread a visit to the dentist, and I hope to change that by putting them at ease as soon as they meet me,” explains Ashton. “By giving them information in a comforting, calm way I can ease their anxiety. By the time their hygienist and dentist greet them, I hope they are feeling confident and relaxed about what we are going to do that day.”

Williams is the oldest of four children, and she is a Bering Strait Scholar. She is also the recipient of a Nome Eskimo Community Scholarship. These are very special scholarships, conveyed to eligible children that are Alaska Natives or a descendant of an Alaska Native. Ashton is a descendant of Ruth Hair, her maternal grandmother, who hails from Nome, Alaska.

Ashton is engaged to a fellow she has known for several years, and the two plan to settle here locally where all of their direct family resides. “There are several highly-regarded dental offices in our area, and next year I look forward to joining a team and offering wonderful patient service.”