Meet Success Navigator Jessica Hurley!

Alumni CTE Employees

Jessica Hurley
Success Navigator Serving Career and Technical Education Students (CTE)
Office Location: Student Services
Phone: 910.898.9617

Jessica Hurley completed her Associate in Arts at Montgomery Community College and her Bachelor in Communication and Marketing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Upon graduation, Jessica worked for the Greensboro Grasshoppers minor league baseball team for several years before returning home to both MCC and Montgomery County. Jessica has been a part of the MCC family since 2018 serving as Student Life Coordinator, Recruiter, Admissions Counselor and now Success Navigator.

“Starting at MCC before transferring to UNCG was probably the best academic decision that I could have made for myself,” explains Jessica. “Not only did I save several thousand dollars on tuition and housing for the year and a half that I was at MCC, I also had an opportunity to mature as a student. Going straight from high school to college is a huge transition for anyone and I thought that I was good at studying and prioritizing my assignments and classes until I became a college student. Re-learning the correct way to study and understanding college-level expectations was a big reality check for me at 18 years old. Looking back, I don’t think I would have been as successful in my high school-to-college transition had I gone to a university straight away with all the maturing that I needed to do academically, compounded with the distractions that come from big campus living.”

What excites Jessica most about her role as an MCC Success Navigator is watching the student’s college experience and personal success come full circle. Being a student’s go-to person for all of their personal victories and during their times of need, while having the ability to help guide them as they accomplish each milestone in their academic journey, is a big responsibility but incredibly rewarding.

“My advice for anyone considering attending MCC would be to jump in with both feet,” says Jessica. “A student is a person at MCC, not a number, and that speaks volumes towards feeling comfortable on campus, interacting with your instructors and classmates and seeking support services when needed. Community colleges as a whole tend to have a more close-knit campus atmosphere that is invaluable towards student success, and they are incredibly cost-effective in comparison to universities and private colleges.”

“In order to prepare for a smooth transition from high school to college, or even as an adult learner who is reentering or entering college for the first time, Jessica feels it’s important to not let the unknown stop you from pursuing your education.

“Confusion and frustration may arise from time to time but that’s when you lean on your Success Navigator to help you overcome whatever hurdles you may be facing. Incoming students shouldn’t feel anxious to have everything figured out on the first day they step onto campus; they just need to know who their Success Navigator is. That person will serve as the student’s central point of contact, and will walk with them through the entire onboarding process.” 

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and children, being way too emotionally invested the Atlanta Braves and vacationing to Disney World as frequently as possible.