MCC Releases Kids’ Summer Camp Schedule


All camps are free, and open to children in grades 4-8. Limited camp sizes, transportation not provided. Please call 910-898-9672 for more information and to register your child.

June 19-21, 9AM –12 PM Whistle Stop Cafe Culinary Camp

This delicious camp, designed for kids who share a passion for cooking, baking and possibly a career in Culinary Arts. Students will prepare various items including breads, entrees, appetizers and even desserts. We will ask for any dietary restrictions/allergies at camp registration to help assist with any recipe-altering prior to camp start.

July 10-13, 9AM – 4PM Mystery on the LEGEND Express

Bionetwork and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department are need help solving a mystery. Do you love true crime TV or mystery?  Join us to learn about the different careers in law enforcement, how forensic science works and try your hand at lab activities such as DNA profiling and finger printing. 

July 11-12, 9AM–2PM New View Photography

Are you a creative person interested in capturing life through a lens? Many photographers are self-employed, the hours are flexible so they can meet with current and potential clients or visit the sites that they will photograph. Photographers use their technical expertise and creativity to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story or record an event.

July 17-20, 9AM – 12 PM First in Flight Drone Camp

Not only are drones fun to fly, there are many emerging careers that use drone technology. From forest management, photography, emergency services and videography, the uses are endless! Campers will build their own drone, have hands-on flight training as well as learn about FAA guidelines for recreational and commercial use. 

July 17-18, 9AM – 12PM Teacher Cadet Camp 

Are you good with kids?  Do you like to read stories to your little brother? Has a teacher made a difference in your life, and would you like to learn how to make a difference for the rest of your life? Teacher Cadet Camp is an opportunity for students interested in becoming a teacher to explore this profession while participating in crafts, team building and communication activities.

July 18, 9AM – 2PM MCC Allied Health Camp

Come explore different health care careers that you can complete at Montgomery Community College; such as dental assistance, medical office, nursing and phlebotomy. Learn what each profession does and the education path to enter a health care field. Campers will participate in fun activities focused on personal health and hygiene like the importance of handwashing and healthy eating.

July 24-25, 9AM – 12PM Ag Central  

Are you interested in learning about Montgomery County agriculture, including animals, crops, and basic gardening? Join us for Ag Camp! We will explore Montgomery County agriculture and how these skills can be used for hobbies, to be self-sustaining and the careers that can be found in agriculture.

July 24-25, 1PM – 4PM Medical Careers & First Aid Station

Make the world a safer place and learn about first aid and how to respond to common emergencies. If you feel called to serve your community, working in a medical field may be a good fit. Explore different careers that utilize medical training. There are currently many job opportunities in each of these service-oriented careers where no day is ever the same!

July 29- August 1, 9AM – 12 PM Pottery Camp

Pottery Camp teaches students hand building and wheel throwing techniques in a relaxed environment, while being encouraged to express their creative side. While many consider this heritage craft a hobby, career opportunities do exist! Seagrove is thought to have the second highest population of potters in the world. From production pottery such as dinnerware to small business opportunities and one-of-a kind pieces, craft artists have valuable skills.

August 1-3, 9AM –12PM Coding Connection – Object-Oriented Programming in Java with Games and Simulations

Technology changes daily, creating a need for people to both create and operate programs. Coding is the foundation of these skills! Starting a coding journey early-on is a great way to provide an excellent set of skills. Computer coding promotes creativity, develops problem solving skills and more importantly, it is really fun!