MCC Celebrates Employee Service

Awards Employees

Organizations of all types celebrate employee longevity, and MCC is no exception.  While celebrated virtually this year during its annual Quality Trails gathering, the College acknowledged years of service milestones for eight employees.

Chad Bledsoe, Matthew Mutarelli and Pamela Raffaldt are celebrating five years. Mike Collins and Teresa Hudson are marking 10 years with the College. Connie Harris has served 15 years, Margie Phillips 20 and Tammy Owens marks 25 years.

This year’s new employees are Alexa Linnell, Learning Resources Technical Assistant; Michael Holder, Welding Instructor; Kelly Morgan, Director of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications; Stephanie Weishner, Dean of Technology and Learning Resources; Lucas Krueger, Sustainable Agriculture Instructor; Ann Marie Fortune, English Instructor; Joleen Moore, PN Instructor; Marie Hodges, ADN Instructor; Warren Colavito, Mathematics Instructor and Kelly Taylor, Communications/English Instructor.

Genee Greene started as NCWorks Career Center Director, and Kathleen Williams joined the College as a Temporary Youth Case Manager.