MCC Appoints Winfree Vice President of Instruction and Student Services

Curriculum Employees

On December 1, 2023, Dr. Natalie Winfree assumed the position of Vice President of Instruction and Student Services replacing Mr. Lee Proctor, who recently retired.

Dr. Winfree joined Montgomery Community College in 2012 as the College Counselor and moved into the Director of Counseling Services a few years later.  She has continued to enhance her leadership within the College. After completing her Doctorate of Education in 2018, she became the Dean of Arts and Sciences, teaching Psychology courses as a full-time instructor, achieving numerous curriculum accomplishments, and guiding the institution’s transfer programs.  Dr. Winfree was also instrumental in shepherding MCC faculty and students through the COVID pandemic as all MCC coursework was moved to and delivered via an online format.

“It’s a very exciting time to be teaching and learning at MCC,” explains Dr. Winfree. “We have bright faculty teaching bright students, and I am very optimistic about the opportunities ahead of us.”

In the next two years, MCC will be retooling its onboarding program as part of its Quality Enhancement Plan. Dr. Winfree and her team are also planning to implement new technologies, process improvements, and additional flexible scheduling options which will improve the student learning experience.

With new leadership comes new philosophies of how to accomplish things. “We have an experienced, solid group of team members, and they have great ideas,” says Dr. Winfree. “We are analyzing how we provide products and services to students, looking for areas we can streamline and improve, while building upon the many things we are already doing well.”

Dr. Winfree will supervise the largest employee team at MCC which encompasses student services (admissions, retention, records, advising, financial aid, and counseling), transfer programs, and all instruction to include career and technical programs, curriculum offerings, and continuing education.

“We are so pleased to have Dr. Winfree in this role,” says MCC President, Dr. Chad Bledsoe. “Dr. Winfree has so much valuable experience within our College and beyond. She has played an important part in creating and sustaining the inviting, supportive culture for which we are known. I look forward to working with her in her new role and helping her evaluate and implement the many promising initiatives which will help MCC continue to grow and thrive for the people in Montgomery County.”