MCC Announces Career & College Promise Orientations


Montgomery Community College is offering tuition-free college classes for MCHS students. Last year, about 450 high school students across the county took these courses through the innovative Career & College Promise (CCP) dual enrollment program, saving students and their families time and money toward a college degree. Some students even earned enough credits for a community college degree or credential by the time they graduated from high school! High school students and their parents can attend one of two CCP orientations on August 16th, to register, contact Shaquille Little, Career and College Promise Success Advocate, at 910-898-8621 or

The CCP program gives MCHS students a jump start on a career or college path while still in high school. Successful students get a head start on higher education, and try their hand at college-level coursework in a comfortable setting close to home. They can earn workforce continuing education credits toward industry-recognized credentials and certification, or, earn college credits toward a four-year degree. Either way, tuition is free! Students will choose from two CCP pathways: College Transfer and Career Technical Education.

Caleb Lanier graduated in May 2021 from Montgomery County High School, taking advantage of Career & College Promise course offerings. Working with his advisor, he was strategic in taking classes that counted as college credit, yet also counted as high school credit. For example, taking a college math class that also counted as the fourth math needed on the high school side. He also took college English classes that counted for English 3 and 4 on the high school side. He has applied and been accepted to Wingate University in North Carolina, and received word that he will receive 44 credit hours at the institution before he even sets foot on the campus!

The College Transfer pathway requires the completion of at least 30 semester hours of transfer courses which apply toward a full associate degree. MCC offers transfer pathways leading to the Associate in Arts, the Associate in Engineering, the Associate in Fine Arts/Music and the Associate in Science. The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) pathway, which consists of 24 semester hours of credit, is designed for students who wish to begin their educational studies toward a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

The Career Technical Education pathway is aligned with high school career clusters (fields of employment or industries that lead to careers within a specific field or industry) leading to a certificate or diploma in a technical career area.

College classes usually cost a lot of money, but if you take them at Montgomery Community College while still in high school, your tuition is free. To help ensure student success, there are some GPA requirements, and in some cases placement or assessment tests may be required. We will work with students to assess their readiness for the program, help them enroll in a pathway that inspires them, and ensure the credits they earn meet their career and college goals. For more information, contact Shaquille Little, Career and College Promise Success Advocate at 910-898-8621 or