Juliana Inman Gains Career Confidence during Pandemic


Juliana Inman is looking forward to serving as president of MCC’s Student Government Association. A future graduate of the Montgomery County Early College, Juliana finished her Associate Degree in Science a year early and will spend her fourth and final year at MCC earning a certificate in the Medical Assisting Program.

In her freshman year, Juliana had to deal with some minor health issues, and during that process developed a close relationship with a pharmacist. As they worked together to fine-tune some of the medications Juliana needed, she became fascinated with pharmacology. Her plans are to transfer credits into a four-year university where she will begin her pursuit of a pharmacy degree. She is exploring schools throughout the southeastern United States in addition to some in North Carolina. While in school, Juliana plans to continue serving as a medical assistant, actively working in the field and staying in touch with patients.

“From a young age I knew the medical field was for me,” explains Juliana. “I’ve never been squeamish at all, and have always been intrigued by surgery. Pharmacy is a good career choice for me because I will be able to help and counsel patients, but still have good work-life balance and normal hours.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic kept her somewhat separated from her friends at the Early College, overall she feels the pandemic benefitted her immensely.

“It cemented my interest in health care for one thing,” she begins. “I see all these heroic front line workers, and I just can’t wait to get out there and serve people!” She has also enjoyed extended visits with family in the area where she was able to accomplish virtual learning in a supportive and comfortable environment. She excelled at taking online classes and felt the experience taught her a lot of self-discipline which will further prepare her for life as an independent adult.

As SGA president, Juliana will represent the student body in monthly Board of Trustee meetings. She will also coordinate with campus ambassadors and staff in Student Services to come up with creative ways to engage students and bring visibility to exciting aspects of campus life.