Free Online Classes Available at MCC for High School Students


Free online classes are available to Montgomery County high school students this fall at Montgomery Community College (MCC) through the innovative Career & College Promise (CCP) dual enrollment program.

Last year, about 450 high school students across the county took these courses, which saved students and their families time and money toward a college degree.

Transfer courses are weighted the same as Advanced Placement for grade point averages on high school transcripts. Some students earn enough credits for a community college degree or credential by the time they graduate from high school.

This fall, CCP classes will be largely taught online to maintain a safe environment. MCC faculty have experience teaching in an online format as a significant portion was delivered online even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

High school students across the county will already be taking their high school classes online, at least at the start of the school year. They can also gain free college credit by enrolling in courses at MCC.

Students can contact their school counselors or MCC to enroll in Career & College Promise classes.