Greetings and thank you for your interest in Gunsmithing at Montgomery Community College.

Below you will find the most current version of the tools and materials list for the MCC Gunsmithing program. The list is intended to be a recommended guide that students may use for the purchase of tools and materials prior to the beginning of a particular class, and was produced based on the input of MCC Gunsmithing faculty. This tool list will be subject to periodic updates due to course changes, instructor preferences, technology, and availability. Due to the tremendous number of variables involved, this list could never be made as an all-inclusive guide for the entire program. There will be additional necessary items that may need to be purchased by students on an as-needed basis.

Students are expected to have the required materials at the beginning of each class. This may require considerable prior planning as many companies within the firearms industry tend to have unusually long delivery times.

The MCC Gunsmithing tool list represents a sizable investment to students. In order to maintain our high standard of instruction, the cost of tools and materials is unavoidable. Please also bear in mind that many of the tool choices represented on the list were made in an effort to keep costs to students as reasonable as possible. Some students may wish to substitute similar tools or materials of higher quality than the ones on the list. This is acceptable as long as the substituted items can perform the same function. Students should seek instructor approval on any substitutions or deviations from the recommended tool list. Additionally, the supplied part numbers were current at the time of publication. Some items may become discontinued, out of stock, or unavailable for other reasons. In such cases, every effort will be made by instructors to recommend suitable substitutions.

At several points during the Gunsmithing program, students will have the opportunity to participate in group purchases of certain class materials through the MCC Gunsmithing Society. Examples of this are: rifle actions for GSM 125 and 1911 handgun slide/frame kits for GSM 230. This allows students the opportunity to purchase these items at a considerable discount. Please check with instructors about the availability of these opportunities prior to purchasing these materials on your own.

At MCC, we are very fortunate to have a number of industry partners that offer assistance to our program and to our students. Some of these companies offer sizable discounts to our students. Each company will have a different procedure in place that must be followed in order to receive the student discount. Please follow these procedures as closely as possible in order to ensure that the company will continue to offer discounts to our students. Also, please be sure to thank these partners for their assistance.

We look forward to working with you!

Mark Dye
Program Director, MCC Gunsmithing

The following tools and supplies are required for purchase prior to beginning the gunsmithing program:

The following information is based on current tuition rates; tuition and student fees are set by the NC Legislature and are subject to change.
Note: All Fees & Books amounts are estimates.

Tuition and FeesIn-State CostsOut-of-State Costs
1st Semester FALL
Fees & Books355.60355.60
1st Semester SPRING
Fees & Books2913.582913.58
1st Semester SUMMER
Fees & Books432.60432.60
2nd Semester FALL
Fees & Books1641.601641.60
2nd Semester SPRING
Fees & Books509.60509.60
Graduation Fee40.0040.00
Total Tuition, Fees, & Books$11,721.68$25,929.68

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid is available to students who qualify.

Please note that federal Pell Grants are not available for some certificate options however, MCC Foundation scholarships may be available.

To find out if you qualify, start by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
For step-by-step help with completing your financial aid application, go to MCC’s Financial Aid page.

The Montgomery Community College Foundation has these program-specific scholarships available for students in the Gunsmithing program:

  • Brownells Gunsmithing Scholarships
  • Hunters Helping Kids
  • Friends of the NRA Scholarships (NRA funded scholarships)
  • NRA Foundation Scholarships (NRA funded scholarships)
  • Theodore C. Sanders Gunsmithing Scholarship
  • William “Billy” H. Johnson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

The Montgomery Community College Foundation has scholarships available to students who may not qualify for other types of financial aid. To see all the scholarships available through the MCC Foundation, follow this link. The first step is to complete a FAFSA.

Tuition costs listed are based on credit hours required for the Associate in Applied Science degree. Diploma and certificate options require fewer credit hours and a lower tuition cost.

Textbooks may be purchased through MCC’s virtual bookstore.