In-State (per semester/credit hour)$76.00
Maximum In-State Tuition per semester$1,216.00
Out-of-State (per semester/credit hour)$268.00
Maximum Out-of-State Tuition per semester$4,288.00

All tuition and fees are set by the N.C. General Assembly and are subject to change.


Textbooks are available through the College’s virtual bookstore. The bookstore link is found on the home page of the MCC website. Depending on the program of study, students can expect to pay between $500 and $1200 for textbooks per term. Some programs require the student to purchase uniforms, tools, and/or supplies in addition to textbooks. These additional costs vary according to the program in which the student is enrolled. A list of required/needed items with approximate costs can be provided by the department of interest. Purchase is directly related to the College’s Policy of Ownership.

Policy of Ownership:  All projects produced by the student with institutional supplies, materials, tools, and equipment are the property of the College. However, students have the option of purchasing their own supplies, materials, and tools. The projects produced are then the personal property of the student, and the College will charge only for the institutional consumables used by the student in producing the project.