MCC Institutional Scholarships

Students are eligible for MCC Institutional scholarships up to covering tuition and fees if the following eligibility requirements are met:

  • Have a recognized unmet financial need: determined by a FAFSA score of between 5001 – 13500.
  • Meet the minimum academic standards determined by the US Department of Education.
  • Enrolled in a qualified certificate, diploma or degree program at Montgomery Community College.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  • Complete 75% of the courses for which they are enrolled while receiving scholarship assistance.
  • Not receiving other forms of financial assistance equal to, or greater than, the costs of their tuition and book charges.

Merit, Curriculum-Based, & Other Scholarships to Montgomery Community College:

The MCCF is proud to award annual scholarships for students enrolled in specific fields of study, based on demonstrated excellence in the classroom, and from third-party partners in the community. The Montgomery Community College financial aid office retains a list of annual scholarships. The deadline for these scholarships is April 1 for the next academic year.

For more information on scholarships available, visit the Program Costs page for any academic program of study. Links to the MCC Foundation scholarship pages, the FAFSA website, and any unique scholarship opportunities will be listed by the program.

Outside Scholarships

An outside scholarship may be awarded from a high school, a local civic club or church, educational foundation, etc. If you will be receiving such an award, you must notify the MCC Financial Aid Office prior to registration. You must submit an authorization letter from the donor to the MCC Business Office if the College is expected to bill for your award.