The Institutional Effectiveness planning calendar for the current academic calendar year.


  • Director of IE compiles all 19-20 assessed OARs and 20-21 planned OARs into the annual IE Plan.
  • President’s Office reviews Team Membership and appoints new members as needed, with assignments taking effect in August.


  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness notifies appropriate Programs and/or Departments of the Program Review deadline of November 11th. Pertinent data for these reviews is provided at this time.


  • September BOT Institutional Effectiveness Plan for 20-21 completed and presented to the Board of Trustees at Monthly Meeting.
  • State Budget presented to the Board of Trustees for approval (pending budget action from NC General Assembly).
  • Institutional Effectiveness Plan for 20-21 distributed to faculty and staff.


  • October 1st Annual Report information due to Public Information Officer.
  • Conduct Fall Student Satisfaction Survey.


  • November 11th Program/Department Reviews due to Respective Program/Unit Supervisors.


  • December 1st Director of IE identifies Reviewers for Program Reviews and sends out the appropriate completed reviews to the same.


  • Initial local budget requests developed.
  • January 30th Program Reviews by Review Teams have been completed and Write-up provided.


  • No calendar items


  • Straw budget reports due to Vice President of Administrative Services by deadline established by Business Office. Equipment Requests are submitted as a part of the Straw Budget.
  • Planning Council chair emails personnel to remind them of April 28th deadline (OARs Y20-21 with assessment, OARS Y21-22)
  • Conduct Spring Student Satisfaction Survey.


  • Curriculum Y20-21 Student Learning and Program outcomes with assessments completed are due to Division Chairs & Directors.
  • Y21-22 Student Learning and Program outcome plans, submitted on OARs forms (tied to budget requests) are due to Division Chairs & Directors by all curriculum programs.


  • Annual Employee Survey conducted.


  • Begin compilation of 20-21 assessed OARs and 21-22 planned OARs into annual IE Plan.

NOTES: OAR = Outcomes Assessment Report

Click to view the version approved by Planning Council June 22, 2020 (PDF)