Academic readiness in English, reading, and math is required for placement into many Montgomery Community College courses. For students who graduated from high school within the past ten years, placement is generally determined by high school GPA after the high school transcript is received by the College. For other students, placement testing may be required to determine whether transitional or support courses will be needed.

• Qualifying minimum score on high school equivalency exam taken within 10 years of the start term at MCC;
• NC DAP, ACUPLACER, ASSET or COMPASS scores, or qualifying SAT or ACT scores completed within the last 10 years;
• Developmental course credit completed or English and math transfer credit awarded.

Students with special needs should contact the MCC Counselor prior to scheduling their placement test to ensure that appropriate accommodations will be provided. All information and services provided to students with special needs and students with disabilities is confidential.

Beginning with the Spring 2020 term, applicants to MCC will be evaluated and placed into gateway English and Math course(s) based on the following criteria:

• Unweighted GPA on a United States high school transcript; the student must have graduated within 10 years of the start term at MCC; or
• Has earned developmental course credit or has successfully completed a college-level English or math course; or
• Has completed an eligible placement test with the last 10 years; or
• Has completed the GED since January 2014 and scored 170 or higher on each subject area or the HiSET with a score of 15 or higher on each component; or
• Has earned an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Applicants who graduated from a US high school within 10 years of the start term at MCC will be placed into gateway English and math courses based on the following unweighted GPA ranges:
• 0.0 – 2.199 – Must successfully complete a Transition English or Transition math course prior to enrolling in gateway English or math courses.
• 2.2- 2.799 – May register for any gateway English or math course and the corresponding co-requisite support course.
• 2.8 or higher – May register for any gateway English or math course.