Several factors shaped the topic selection and scope of MCC’s QEP. The topic was selected based on broad based input including surveys, classroom visits, brainstorming sessions, feedback opportunities and data review.

QEP Area of Focus Survey Results:

Topic: Onboarding. 1: .8% 2: .8% 3: 0% 4: .8% 5: 0% 6: 0% 7: 5.9% 8: 14.4% 9: 15.3% 10: 61.9%
1- Very Unimportant; 5- Somewhat Important; 10- Very Important
Topic: Advising 1: .8% 2: 1.7% 3: 3.4% 4: 11.9% 5: 10.2% 6: 11.9% 7: 7.6% 8: 11% 9: 11.9% 10: 29.7%
1- Very Unimportant; 5- Somewhat Important; 10- Very Important

After analysis and review of literature and best practices, institutional data including student enrollment, persistence and retention reports, annual program area outcomes assessments, strategic planning objectives, NCCCS student performance measures, and broad-based support including involvement and valuable input from College stakeholders, the QEP Topic Selection Committee made the recommendation that “Onboarding” should be the topic for the Quality Enhancement Plan. The committee felt that the topic was supported by constituent interest and institutional data. The committee also felt that Onboarding would encompass advising which was identified as another popular topic of interest. Together these points of data also helped to create the QEP student success goals and outcomes that support the components of MCC’s mission and continual planning and that the focus of the QEP was supportive of the success of the students at MCC.

QEP Topic Selection Committee Team

The members of the Topic Selection Committee involved faculty, staff, and administration who were charged with identifying possible QEP themes. By examining institutional self-assessment data such as IPEDS and annual program planning, college planning processes, and topic feedback received from students, employees, trustees, and community members, the committee presented two potential QEP topics that went up for a vote by the college community.

Committee MemberCollege Position
Sam BrittQEP Director / Department Chair, English, Arts & Humanities
Warren ColavitoInstructor, Math
Len FaganInstructor, Gunsmithing
Ann Marie FortuneInstructor, English
Shaquille LittleCCP Student Success & Retention Specialist
Genee GreeneDirector of Small Business
Michelle GritDean of Student Services
Laura MacCoyStudent Success & Retention Specialist
Lori McAllisterDepartment Chair, Dental Assisting
Kelly MorganDirector of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations
Pam RaffaldtInstructor, Nursing
Cody StarlingDean of Information Technology
Sydney WilliamsDirector of Heritage Crafts