What is a QEP?

QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP is an integral component of the reaffirmation of accreditation process and is derived from an institution’s ongoing comprehensive planning and evaluation processes. It reflects and affirms a commitment to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on an issue the institution considers important to improving student learning outcomes and/or student success.

The QEP is a multi-year process that will lead to the selection, the development, and implementation of one large project focused on improving student learning and/or student success.

What is the focus of MCC’s QEP?

Resulting from MCC’s strategic plan development process and area of focus from feedback and survey results administered to the campus community and constituencies, the area of focus for the QEP is “New Student Onboarding.”

Onboarding- Be a LEGEND

Montgomery Community College has a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that focuses on enhancing student success by providing a positive, student-centered onboarding experience.

The QEP Outcomes include:

Goal 1: New students will successfully navigate the onboarding process.
Outcome 1: Students will know their onboarding point-of-contact.
Outcome 2: Students will successfully complete college applications and materials.
Outcome 3: Students will successfully enroll in classes by the registration deadline.
Goal 2: New students will successfully progress in their academic journey during their first year.
Outcome 1: Students will know deadlines to maintain course enrollment.
Outcome 2: Students will create a complete academic plan for their program of study.
Outcome 3: Students will know when and where to seek academic and personal support.
Outcome 4: Students will successfully register for a second, consecutive semester.

SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation – Standard 7.2

The institution has a Quality Enhancement Plan that (a) has a topic identified through its ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes; (b) has broad-based support of institutional constituencies; (c) focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success; (d) commits resources to initiate, implement and complete the QEP; and (e) includes a plan to assess achievement.