Development Committee Goals:

  • Develop Goals/objectives (Student Success Goals/Outcomes)
  • Create action activities
  • Develop Assessment Plan with tools
  • Continue to build timeline
  • Create QEP awareness activities
  • Write the QEP Report for submission to SACSCOC
  • Prepare for onsite SACSCOC visit

QEP Outcomes:

  • Students will successfully and confidently enroll at MCC by receiving customized assistance in the Admissions process.
  • Students will make an informed, academic program selection that aligns with their interests and career objectives.
  • Students will successfully enroll in a second, consecutive semester with continued support from their Educational Navigator.

Focus Groups:

Student, Staff and Faculty Focus groups were held to provide insight and guidance on how to begin to re-envision the new student onboarding experience, to identify and examine information and data including gathering students’ experience and to gain further understanding of current onboarding successes and challenges.

Student Focus Group:

  • Students are nervous / may feel intimidated asking questions or seeking information.
  • They do not know where everything is located (mapping, buildings, and website).
  • Short/quick videos on “how to” do enrollment, registration, advising, student accounts set-up, purchasing books, resetting passwords.
  • “A checklist of what is needed to attend this college.”
  • “Physical program outline to plan for upcoming semesters.”
  • “Quick/short videos on How-to-do” (easy to located on website).

Staff Focus Group:

  • The college can feel like a “MAZE” for students due to all of the new construction and lack of signage inside or out.
  • Ways to help students get started on the right foot would be to have a centralized help Center (One-stop-shop), orientation in person for all programs, and have more “How to videos” for our platforms.
  • We could better assist our students through the admissions process if they had a step-by-step guide to help them complete the required processes for admissions, registration, assessment, academic and financial aid, and career exploration.

Faculty Focus Group:

  • 100% online students are removed from contact and therefore do not succeed at the same rate as those in a traditional setting.
  • Fast-track path for those who know their goals and a much more guided approach to those that are exploring their options.
  • The students get sent to several different points of contact without getting the answers they need.
  • Greatest challenge for students is overcoming fear of coming back to school/lack of confidence, finances, stress…not knowing what to expect.

QEP Development Committee Team

Sam BrittQEP Director / Department Chair, English, Arts & Humanities
Dusty CavinessAccountant
Ann Marie FortuneEnglish Instructor
Jessica HurleyAdmissions Counselor/Recruiter
Shaquille LittleCCP Student Success & Retention Specialist
Laura MacCoyStudent Success & Retention Specialist
Samantha MapelNursing Instructor
Abrianna MorrisStudent, Associate in Arts
Diana SanchezRegistrar
Hunter SmithDirector of I.E.
Stephanie WeishnerComputer Information Technology Department Chair