QEP Development Committee was formed and began collaborating to develop the focus and plan for the QEP. Members representing various areas of the College, including faculty, staff, and student representation utilized college data, reviewed current admissions processes, and conducted focus groups amongst students, staff, and faculty to narrow the focus of the QEP on helping new students successfully navigate the onboarding process.

Development Committee Goals:

  • Develop Goals/objectives (Student Success Goals/Outcomes)
  • Create action activities
  • Develop Assessment Plan with tools
  • Continue to build timeline
  • Create QEP awareness activities
  • Write the QEP Report for submission to SACSCOC
  • Prepare for onsite SACSCOC visit

QEP Outcomes:

Goal 1: New students will successfully navigate the onboarding process.
Outcome 1: Students will know their onboarding point-of-contact.
Outcome 2: Students will successfully complete college applications and materials.
Outcome 3: Students will successfully enroll in classes by the registration deadline.
Goal 2: New students will successfully progress in their academic journey during their first year.
Outcome 1: Students will know deadlines to maintain course enrollment.
Outcome 2: Students will create a complete academic plan for their program of study.
Outcome 3: Students will know when and where to seek academic and personal support.
Outcome 4: Students will successfully register for a second, consecutive semester.

Focus Groups:

Student, Staff and Faculty Focus groups were held to provide insight and guidance on how to begin to re-envision the new student onboarding experience, to identify and examine information and data including gathering students’ experience and to gain further understanding of current onboarding successes and challenges.

QEP Development Committee Team

Sam BrittQEP Director / Department Chair, English, Arts & Humanities
Dusty CavinessAccountant
Ann Marie FortuneEnglish Instructor
Jessica HurleyAdmissions Counselor/Recruiter
Shaquille LittleCCP Student Success & Retention Specialist
Laura MacCoyStudent Success & Retention Specialist
Samantha MapelNursing Instructor
Abrianna MorrisStudent, Associate in Arts
Diana SanchezRegistrar
Hunter SmithDirector of I.E.
Stephanie WeishnerComputer Information Technology Department Chair
QEP Development Committee Members in Gazebo
QEP Development Committee Members in Gazebo