Tommy McNabb Knifemaking Scholarship – This scholarship provides $200 per class for a student who enrolls in a knifemaking class with an expressed financial need. Recipients must demonstrate an interest in knifemaking by individual study to the point at which they are ready for formal training. Contact the Continuing Education Office for an application at or call 910-898-9672.

Basic Knife Sharpening
Learn how to properly sharpen and maintain your knife blades by hand using sharpening stones. This hands-on class will cover straight and serrated edges, honing and edge angles. There is no tool requirement for this class. Just bring your knives!!! Instructor: Jones Brothers *(SS) Self-supporting. Tool List
Basic Knife Sharpening | 9/19 | SA | 9A-6P | $140.60

Viking Long Beard Axe
In this class I will demonstrate how to make a Viking Bearded Ax. Each student will forge weld their ax from mild steel with a steel cutting edge. Then they will forge the ax to shape, do the initial grind and heat treat. Finish grinding and fitting a handle will be the final steps to a finished ax. Instructor: Tim Scholl. Tool List
Viking Long Beard Axe | 11/13-11/15 | FSASU | 9A-6P | $286.60

Christmas Knife Making
Just in time for a great Christmas Gift! MCC is proud to present our annual tradition of the Christmas Knife class with the legendary Ed Vanhoy. In this class, you will learn how to complete a knife from scratch including how to make a custom leather sheath. Students will design, shape, heat treat, cut custom grips, hollow grind, polish, and sheath their own knives. Whether the class is a present for a loved one, a chance to make a present for a loved one, or just a present for yourself you can’t beat this annual tradition. All Materials will be provided. Instructor: Ed and Tanya VanHoy *(SS) Self-supporting. Tool List
Christmas Knife Making | 12/3-12/6 | THFSASU | 9A-6P | $375

Farrier Rasp Knife Making
In this class, I will demonstrate how to make a knife from a farrier’s rasp. I will discuss and demonstrate both methods (stock removal and forging) and let each student decide which method they prefer to make their knife. Grinding, heat treatment and handle finish will be covered and each student will leave with a finished knife. Instructor: Tim Scholl *(SS) Self-supporting. Tool List
Farrier Rasp Knife | 12/10-12/12 | THFSA | 9A-6P | $276.60