Tommy McNabb Knifemaking Scholarship – This scholarship provides $200 per class for a student who enrolls in a knifemaking class with an expressed financial need. Recipients must demonstrate an interest in knifemaking by individual study to the point at which they are ready for formal training. Contact the Continuing Education Office for an application at or call 910-898-9672.

*(SS) Self supporting classes are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by the college.

Tomahawk Forging (SS)
Forging a tomahawk is a great starter project for blacksmithing. Forging the head will introduce students to the basic practice of drawing & shaping steel as well as forge-welding and heat treating to harden the edge. Students will forge a traditional style “wrap-around” tomahawk head and will shape/ fit the handle form provided hardwood blanks. Then students will personalize and complete this “hawk” with traditional details and embellishments of their choosing. Open to all levels of experience. Instructor: John Hege
Tomahawk Forging| 10/28-10/30 | FSASU | 9AM-6PM | $316.60

D-Guard Bowie Knife (SS)
A “D-Guard” Bowie was the traditional short sword carried by many confederate troops during the American Civil War. So called because the closed hand guard is shaped like a D, it is a large fighting Bowie featuring a blade about 16 or more inches long. While there are many manufactured versions, there are also many other versions made by local blacksmiths. Making a D-Guard Bowie is a good project for someone new to bladesmithing. During the class, students will hammer out, harden and finish a blade and fashion and fit a steel guard and wooden handle. Instructor: John Hege
D-Guard Bowie Knife | 12/9-12/11 | FSASU | 9AM-6PM | $316.60