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Montgomery Community College provides training for firefighters and rescue workers. Classes are tailored to each fire or rescue department’s needs to help them improve their performance and complete their duties more efficiently and safely. Specialized classes are held throughout the year on campus and at local fire departments throughout Montgomery county. All fire and rescue courses are offered through the college’s Continuing Education Department. Students earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit for each class they complete. NC fire and rescue department members are exempt from course registration fees.

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Fire and Rescue Expo – October 12 – 15, 2023


  1. Primer Extrication – Patient/Vehicle Movement – 20 hours
  2. FIP3042 FF Fireground Operations 2 – 28 hours
  3. FIP3600 Emergency Vehicle Driver – 24 hours
  4. FIP6505 Helicopter Transport – 6 hours
  5. Incident Safety Officer – 16 hours
  6. Leadership in Supervision – 16 hours
  7. Courage to be Safe – 4 hours
  8. Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge – 4 hours
  9. Basic Driver Operator – 20 hours
  10. Basic Firefighter – 20 hours
  11. Advanced Techniques for Moving Hoselines – 16 hours
  12. LP Gas Props – Day of Fire
  13. NAEMT Advanced Medical Life Support
  14. Land Navigation and SARTopo


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Registration Fees

Registration fees vary depending on the length of the course. The following rates were set by the North Carolina Community College System Office and were reapproved for the current year:

Course LengthRegistration Fee
1-24 Hours$70
25-50 Hours$125
> 50 Hours$180
** Note that additional fees may be required depending on course requirements**

Tuition Waiver

All Fire Department personnel within North Carolina qualify for a tuition fee waiver.

Failure to provide documentation of affiliation and job title at registration will result in registration fees being applied to the student. Exceptions can be made by calling the Workforce Development Center at (910) 898 – 9672 or contacting Fire&

The tuition fee waiver ONLY applies to the course registration fee. Any other associated fees are the responsibility of the student and must be paid before the class starts or the student will be dropped from the course.


Ready to get started? Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the WDC Registration form located here and complete the information to begin registration.
  2. Once your registration form is received, you will be contacted if required documentation is needed. If additional documentation is not required, you will be contacted to pay for the course.
  3. You are now ready for the course to begin!

The 2022 schedule is currently in process. For information, please call us at (910) 898-9672.