College-owned computer stations with unfiltered Internet access in the Library and computer labs are available for research purposes for:

  • Use that is linked to legitimate MCC courses, programs of study or academic-related communications
  • Use that supports MCC-related activities

Authorized users may use the Library and open Computer Lab PC stations for research and scholarly purposes and for official College business as long as it does not violate any law or College policy, interfere with the performance of College duties and work, or result in commercial gain or profit.

The following uses are not allowed:

  • Downloading software
  • Use for commercial purposes or personal gain
  • Use for illegal purposes
  • Use to alter computer hardware or software
  • Use for game playing, downloading videos or music for personal use
  • Use in violation of copyright laws or software licenses
  • Use to access pornographic or other inappropriate content

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use the computing resources in the Library and open Computer Lab. Members of the general public are expected to use the computers in the Library. Priority of use will be

1st Priority: Class instruction
2nd Priority: MCC students
3rd Priority: MCC faculty/staff
4th Priority: Other users or members of the general public

Any computer user who is found to have violated the above policies may be subject to a full range of sanctions, including the loss of computer access privileges, disciplinary action, dismissal from the College, and action. Some violations may constitute criminal offenses, as defined in the General Statues of North Carolina and federal laws.

Any individual who has been sanctioned for misconduct has the right to an appeal process through the College’s grievance policy. These Guidelines are based on the MCC policies found in the Board of Trustee’s Policy ManualFailure to follow the Acceptable Use Guidelines may result in the suspension or revoking of access accounts or other College disciplinary action.

April 11, 2007