Man holding bees

A beekeeping class should be the first stop, for individuals interested in beginning the specialty. The top complaint of beginner beekeepers is knowing how to start. Managing a hive filled with thousands of stinging insects requires a little education. Taking a full course is not a requirement, but it can save you some heartache in the long run!

MCC’s beekeeping courses are instructed by local beekeeper, Shirley Harris. Shirley along with her husband, Tony, run Sweet Bee Farm in Candor, NC. At last count, they have over 100 active hives.

Please call 910-898-9672 or email for more information about upcoming courses or to get your name on a waiting list.

Course Information

Beekeeping Basics for Beginner
Beekeeping Basics is offered each Spring at MCC and is designed to teach beginners everything needed before getting started. Topics include: bee biology, NC nectar flow, and tasks successful beekeepers do monthly that ensure the health of hives. This six-week class includes two field days, during which students gain hands-on experience with hives kept on the MCC campus.

Intermediate Beekeeping- Beyond the Basics
Intermediate Beekeeping is for individuals that have taken the beginner class and have some experience with maintaining hives. Each Fall, students learn how to strengthen pest management, along with queen and nutritional skills. The course focuses on reading frames, swarm prevention techniques, and preparing bees for winter. Students also learn the process of making splits and some queen rearing options. Healthy queens, full bee bellies, and pest management are key to having successful hives and delicious honey year after year!