Policy 7.1.4 - Electronic Signatures

It is the College’s intent to provide efficient services for its employees, students and for the public. College officials and students are encouraged to use electronic means, especially electronic mail, when conducting College business when those means result in efficient and improved service. The acceptance of electronic signatures in e-mails from college campus accounts is encouraged. An electronic signature is defined as any electronic process signifying an approval to terms, and/or ensuring the integrity of the document, presented in electronic format.

Students may use electronic signatures to register, check financial aid awards, pay student bills, obtain unofficial transcripts, update contact information, log into campus computers, complete forms, submission of class work,  tests, etc. Employees may use electronic signatures for submitting grades, viewing personal payroll data, logging into campus computers, accessing protected data through the administrative computing system and custom web applications provided by the College, etc.

College user accounts are to be used solely by the student or employee assigned to the account. Users may not allow access to their accounts by other persons, including relatives or friends. All users are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their account and for adhering to Policy 7.2 – Internet and Network Acceptable Use.

College employees are authorized to use an electronic signature to sign contracts, purchase orders, grant applications and other electronic documents to the same extent the employee is authorized to sign a hard copy of the document.

Adopted: November 13, 2019