Policy 7.1.1 - Technology Systems

The College’s technology systems include technology hardware, electronic mail and other forms of electronic communications, Internet access and use of computing devices. As the owner of property and services, the College has the right to monitor activities and to access information on the College’s technology systems stored, sent, created or received by faculty, staff, students or other users. Any individual using the College’s technology systems should not expect individual privacy in their use of the technology systems including, but not limited to, the use of the College’s electronic mail system.

When using the College’s technology systems, all users shall adhere to the College’s information technology policies and procedures.


Unless otherwise confidential by law, records generated using the College’s technology systems are considered public records and must be maintained as public records pursuant to the College’s policies and procedures. Student education records and certain personnel information are protected by law and are confidential. For more information concerning student records, see Policy 5.4.3 – Student Records and for information concerning personnel records, see Policy 3.3.1 – Personnel Files.

Employees may not download confidential student and personnel information onto a personally owned electronic device or onto another network unless authorized by the President or Chief Information Officer.


Employees using the College’s technology hardware, software, or systems should adhere to the following guidelines.

A. Employees shall adhere to Policy 7.2 – Internet and Network Acceptable Use Policy.

B. All computing devices, including portable computing devices such as laptops or tablets, shall

1. Use encryption or other measures to protect confidential information, including personal information, from unauthorized disclosure;

2. Be labeled with tamper-resistant tag, permanently engraved label or ID number, or both identifying the device as the College’s property;

3. Be used in compliance with all applicable security requirements for the College’s computers; and

4. Include password protection on such devices, if applicable. Applicable devices include:

• Any device used to store, transmit or receive personally identifiable information on any person.

• Any device used to store, transmit or receive confidential College information.

• Any device used to store, transmit or receive student education and/or confidential personnel records or information.

C. The College’s mobile technology equipment, such as laptops and tablets, may be used at home by College personnel provided:

1. Use of the equipment at home will not interfere with the College’s operational needs;

2. Employee has obtained supervisor approval;

3. Personnel return items to campus upon request for system maintenance, upgrades, inventory, and verification.

D. The College’s Information Technology Services Department (“ITS”) maintains all of the College’s technology equipment. ITS does not support the use and setup of the College’s technology equipment on Internet, network and computing resources that are not owned and maintained by the College.

E. The College recognizes that employees may occasionally receive personal email on College computers, use College equipment to complete an online course and for other personal reasons. Personal use of College computers and equipment is acceptable provided that employees adhere to the following:

1. Personal use may not interfere with the College’s operational needs;

2. Equipment may not be checked out solely for the purpose of personal use;

3. Users understand that data stored on College equipment or sent using College email or other communication methods is not private;

4. Users will adhere to all state and federal laws and the College’s policies and procedures;

5. Equipment or information resources are not used for illegal, malicious or obscene purposes;

6. Equipment or information resources are not used to seek or exchange electronic information or software unrelated to one’s job duties and responsibilities;

7. The College’s data and information are not shared with unauthorized individuals;

8. All software copyright and licensing laws are followed;

9. Not use College email or passwords for non-college sites (e.g., social networking sites);

10. Not share sensitive College information or student details on social networking sites.

11. Equipment is not used for any political purposes, including nonprofit activities of a political nature.

12. Equipment is not used for private or personal for-profit activities. This includes personal use for marketing or business transactions, advertising of products or services, or any other activity intended to foster personal gain. Employees may not use College equipment or information resources in pursuit of private businesses operated by the employee or in pursuit of work for other agencies, colleges or businesses.

13. Printers and photocopy machines may not be used for personal use.

Adopted: November 13, 2019