Procedure - Grant Procedure

From Idea to Submission – Taking great ideas for a grant forward and getting the project funded.

1. Complete a Grant Idea Form and submit to the Grant Writer. This form will be reviewed by the President’s Cabinet for approval to proceed. If you know of a grant source, complete that section, otherwise the Grant Writer will assist in seeking grant sources.

2. If approved, you’ll be working directly with the Grant Writer to begin the actual proposal writing process. You will need to name a Project Lead, which may be yourself or someone else, to spearhead the writing. The Grant Writer will ask the Project Lead to complete a second form, the Grant Writing Form, which get much of the fundamental information expected by funders. Please note that the Grant Writer will work in partnership with the Project Lead but may need assistance to create narrative specified by the grant.

3. The Grant Writer will compile the grant application in the required format, and send it out to the MCC Administration team for review and revision. In order to facilitate the review process, specific due dates for internal milestones will be set for the proposal creation. It is vitally important that the Project Lead pay close attention to those dates as will the Grant Writer.

4. The Grant Writer will be responsible for capturing final signatures, as well as the submission of the proposal and all ancillary documents, either by mail or electronic submission.

From Award to Completion – Once notification has been received that the grant has been won, the following

1. The Grant Writer will work with the Director of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations to prepare a press release.

2. The Project Lead will turn the project over to the parties responsible to carry out the project implementation. This may or may not be the Project Lead who facilitated the grant application process.

3. At this point, the Grant Writer will not be involved except to periodically monitor the project for compliance with the grantor’s directives, such as reports, change requests, and final close out of the grant. The Grant Writer will establish a calendar for requesting Status Reports from the Implementation Lead. The Status Report From is simple to complete and serves to keep the Grant Writer and the President’s Cabinet informed as the project proceeds.

4. If any problems arise with the project or grant expenditures, the Grant Writer should be informed immediately. Having a successful track record for grant implementation and compliance is critical for obtaining future grants.