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Procedure - Customized Training Programs

The College shall provide customized training programs for companies experiencing job growth, productivity enhancement needs, or creating technology investment to support the community and State’s economic development. The College shall administer the training program with consultation and assistance from the North Carolina Community College System Office Economic Development staff.

Before a business or industry becomes qualified to receive assistance under the customized training program, the President of the North Carolina Community College System shall determine that:

A. The business is making an appreciable capital investment;

B. The business is deploying new technology;

C. The business or individual is creating jobs, expanding an existing workforce or enhancing the productivity and profitability of operations within the State; and

D. The skills of the workers will be enhanced by the assistance.

Adopted: September 9, 2019
Legal Citation: N.C.G.S. § 115D-5.1; 1D SBCCC 500.98