Policy 4.1.1 - Role of Curriculum Personnel in Academic Governance

The College’s faculty, in partnership with the administration and consistent with the College’s mission, ensure the overall effectiveness of the educational programs. Additionally, faculty are involved in the College’s decision-making processes in the following ways:

1. Have primary responsibility for the content, quality, integrity and effectiveness of the curriculum.

2. Participate in program/division level decisions and activities.

3. Participate in College committees based on the President or designee’s appointment.

4. Participate in governance bodies, as established, which are designed to provide broad based participation in the College’s planning process, educational issues and other related issues.

5. Faculty are generally responsible for ensuring the achievement of appropriate student learning and academic program outcomes. As a result, faculty leaders are responsible for developing initial recommendations concerning changes to existing academic programs. Additionally, faculty shall be given the opportunity to be actively engaged in the study and creation of all new academic programs.

Adopted: September 9, 2019