Policy 3.2.9 - Bonus Leave

The College may award bonus leave to full-time employees only when authorized by the General Assembly. The award of bonus leave may be prorated based on the months of employment the employee works.

A. Scheduling Bonus Leave – Bonus leave may be used under the same circumstances as annual leave pursuant to Policy 3.2.6 and shall be taken only upon authorization of the appropriate Vice President. Based on the College’s staffing needs, an individual may be required to take bonus leave at a different time than the employee requested.

B. Maximum Accumulation – There is no maximum accumulation of bonus leave.

C. Transfer of Bonus Leave – Bonus leave may be transferred into the College from other state agencies or community colleges at the time of hire. Upon separation due to resignation, dismissal or a reduction-in-force, bonus leave is transferable to an employee’s account with another state agency or community college.

D. Separation – Payment of Bonus Leave:

1. Lump sum payment for bonus leave is made only at the time of separation from the College service due to resignation, dismissal, reduction-in-force, death or service retirement.

2. Employees retiring on disability may exhaust bonus leave rather than be paid in a lump sum.

3. Payment for bonus leave may be made on the regular payroll, reflecting the number of days of bonus leave and the amount of payment. Bonus leave may be paid through the last full hour of unused bonus leave. Overdrawn annual or sick leave amounts may be deducted from bonus leave prior to payment.

Adopted: May 8, 2019