Policy 3.2.3 - Leave

A. The College President shall be responsible for the administration of the leave program. The College’s Human Resources office shall maintain leave records for all employees. The College will retain leave records for all separated employees for a period of at least five (5) years from the date of separation or longer as determined by applicable law.

B. The following types of leave are authorized for the College’s employees in accordance with state and federal law and these policies and procedures:

Sick Leave

Voluntary Shared Leave

Annual Leave

Family and Medical Leave

Educational Leave

Child Involvement Leave

Civil Leave

Military Leave

Workers’ Comp Leave

Bereavement Leave

Bonus Leave

Leave without Pay

Adverse Weather


C. Absences from work during scheduled working hours shall be charged to the employee’s appropriate leave account.

D. If an employee is unable to report for work, the employee shall notify the supervisor of the anticipated absence or tardiness as soon as possible stating the reason and the anticipated length of absence.

Adopted: May 8, 2019