Policy 3.1.9 - President – Hiring and Duties

I. President Selection Process

A. When a presidential vacancy occurs or is anticipated, the Board shall notify the System President and invite the System President or the System President’s designee to meet with the board of trustees to discuss legal requirements and other procedural matters while also providing technical assistance to the Board as needed.

B. In selecting the College’s President, the Board shall, at minimum, consider general input from College and community stakeholders on the desired attributes of a college’s president and evaluate more than one candidate for the position. The State Board may waive this requirement at the request of the Board if the State Board determines it is in the College’s interest to do so.

C. The Board shall submit at least one candidate to the System President for review at least ten business days prior to the next regularly scheduled SBCC Personnel Committee meeting or at least ten business days prior to a special called SBCC Personnel Committee meeting.

D. While completing the review process, the System President or the System President’s designee shall confirm that the Board completed a background check to include the following:

1. Social security number verification,
2. Criminal history check,
3. Civil litigation history check,
4. Education verification,
5. Employment verification, and

E. Upon completion of the review process, the System President shall present the name(s) of candidate(s) to the Personnel Committee of the SBCC for consideration and assessment.

F. Following consideration and assessment of the candidate(s), the Personnel Committee of the SBCC or the SBCC shall authorize the System President to communicate the Personnel Committee’s or the SBCC’s assessment to the Board.

G. The Board shall proceed with the final election process and submit the Board’s final election to the SBCC for approval. The Board shall submit its recommendation in writing to the System President at least five business days prior to the next meeting of the SBCC.

H. The SBCC shall act upon the Board’s election at the SBCC’s regularly scheduled meeting following receipt of the Board’s election unless delayed for cause as determined by the SBCC.

I. The System Office shall convey in writing to the chairman of the Board the SBCC’s action on the Board’s election. The action of the SBCC is final.

J. Until the SBCC votes to approve the final candidate and communicates its approval to the College, the College may not publicly communicate or publicly confirm or deny the name of the final candidate submitted to the SBCC for approval.

K. The College shall not execute a contract prior to SBCC action to approve the Board’s presidential election without a provision specifying that the effective date of the contract is subject to the SBCC’s approval of the presidential election.

II. Contract

The President shall receive a contract and the Board shall specify in the President’s contract the contractual term, salary, additional benefits, if any, and contract termination procedures.

III. Duties

The President is charged by the Board with full responsibility and authority for the College’s operation pursuant to state and federal statutes, policies, rules and regulations and the Board’s policies and procedures. The President shall be responsible for other duties as the Board may delegate and require.

Adopted: April 10, 2019
Amended: January 9, 2022
Legal Reference: N.C.G.S. § 115D-20; 1C SBCCC 300.1