Policy 3.1.3 - Employee Classifications and Working Hours


A. Full-Time Employee – any individual who occupies a College designated full-time
position working a minimum of forty (40) hours per week. All full-time positions
are classified as either full-time curriculum or full-time non-curriculum and exempt
or non-exempt. All full-time employees shall receive annual contracts as stated in
Policy 3.1.2. Full-time curriculum employees shall receive contracts for nine (9)
and no more than twelve (12) months dependent on the employee’s duties. All
other full-time non-curriculum employees shall receive contracts not to exceed one

B. Part-Time Employee – any individual who is employed for less than thirty (30)
hours per week. All part-time employee positions are classified as either part-time
curriculum or part-time non-curriculum. All part-time curriculum employees shall
receive short-term contracts for no greater than one semester. All other part-time
employees shall receive short-term contracts for no greater than six months.

C. Full-Time, Temporary Employee – any individual who is employed in a full-time
position (i.e., 40 hours or more per week) but the job is temporary (i.e., generally
less than six months except in extraordinary situations). All full-time, temporary
employees are classified as exempt or non-exempt. For purposes of the Affordable
Care Act only, any full-time, temporary employee who is anticipated at the date of
hire to work in excess of three (3) months during the academic year is considered a
full-time employee for purposes of an offer of health insurance. All full-time,
temporary employees shall receive short-term contracts and be considered “at will”.

D. Independent Contractors – any individual who is employed by the College pursuant
to a written contract and provides specified services for the College and exercises
his/her own degree of control and independence in providing those services.
Independent contractors are not considered College employees.


The President is hereby authorized to develop administrative procedures to establish
workloads consistent with this Policy.

Adopted: April 10, 2019


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