Policy 3.1.2 - Employment


A. The Board authorizes the President to hire all full-time employees. The President shall inform the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting of any new hires made since the last Board meeting.

B. All newly hired full-time employees shall receive a letter of appointment stating that the employee shall serve a probationary period of at-will employment lasting one (1) academic year.  After the probationary period, full-time employees may be eligible for annual employment contracts for at least nine (9) and no more than twelve (12) months dependent on the employee’s duties.  If an employee is hired after the academic semester has already begun and the employee’s one-year probationary period ends during the subsequent academic year, the term of the employee’s initial employment contract, if offered, shall only be for the remainder of that subsequent academic year.  Nothing in this Policy or in the employee’s letter of appointment shall entitle the employee to an employment contract or contract renewal.


A. The Board authorizes the President or designee to hire all part-time and temporary employees.

B. Part-time instructional employees (adjuncts) shall be provided short-term contracts for no more than one semester.

C. All other part-time and temporary employees shall be paid by time sheet. Nothing in this Policy shall entitle the employee to an employment contract.


The President or Vice President of Administrative Services is authorized to enter non-construction service contractors with independent contracts for individual contracts and if the funds have been appropriated in the budget.


A. The quality of the College’s programs and services are dependent on the skills, commitment and enthusiasm of all of its employees. The Board seeks to employ the best qualified personnel available. In return, the Board expects its employees to accept and support the College’s mission and vision. Specifically, all employees are expected to know the College’s policies and procedures, devote their professional services and individual skills to the realization of the College’s objectives and to discharge their duties in such a manner as to reflect positively upon the College.

B. No applicant will be considered for any employment position who does not complete and submit a College employment application form.

C. Employment preference will be given to eligible veterans, their spouses or surviving spouses and surviving dependents as defined by N.C.G.S. § 128-15. This preference applies to initial employment, subsequent hiring, promotions, reassignments and horizontal transfers when two or more candidates are equally qualified for the position. To claim veterans’ employment preference, all eligible veterans shall submit a Department of Defense Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) along with a College application for employment. To claim veterans’ employment preference, eligible veterans must meet the minimum training and experience requirements for the position and must be capable of performing the duties assigned to the position.

D. All employed instructional personnel shall meet Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Advanced ED criteria.

Adopted: April 10, 2019
Legal Reference: G.S. 115D-20; G.S.128-15; 1D SBCC 400.4; SBCC 300.3