Created and capitalized with an initial outlay of $7,500 in the summer of 1909, Fidelity Bank has grown into a 1.3 billion dollar financial institution. Fidelity Bank owns and operates 69 branch offices in 26 counties in North Carolina and Virginia. The bank has a long history of serving the needs of its customers and protecting their money. A fine example is the leadership of J. Edgar Maness, who served Montgomery County for 36 years. Twice, Mr. Maness risked personal safety by chasing would-be bank robbers. Likewise, Mr. Maness’ dedication to his customers did not stop at the bank’s door. Though officially closed on New Year’s Day, Mr. Maness was renowned for accepting deposits at his home from superstitious customers who believed that good luck for the year was dependent on making a New Year’s Day deposit. The Fidelity Bank endowment at Montgomery Community College currently funds four merit-based curriculum scholarships.