2020 Annual Gifts

Benefactors ($50,000 – $99,999+)

North Carolina Community College Foundation

Founders ($15,000 – $49,999+)

Bear Creek Arsenal
McCaskill, Harlan
North Carolina Community Foundation – J.F. and Jean Allen Fund
Smitherman-Willis Endowment
Sweeney, Oliver and Wanda

Leaders ($10,000 – $14,999)

Abbott, Deyous and Jean
North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association
Troy Lumber Company, Inc.

Chairman’s Club ($5,000 – $9,999)

Hayes, Michael and Laura
NRA Foundation, Inc.
Sanders, Theodore
Whitesell, Leslie

President’s Club ($1,000 – $4,999)

Branson and Lorraine McRae Endowment
Bulthuis, Jim and Claudia
Capel, Gelynda T. and Arron W.E.
Dickson, Brady and Joan
Duke Energy of the Carolinas
Dunlap, Katherine
Fidelity Bank
Harris, Rick and Ivy
Hollers, Anna and Russell
Jacob, John
Jenkins, Walter and Nancy
Jordan Lumber & Supply, Inc.
Love Joy United Methodist Men’s Group
Love Joy United Methodist Women’s Group
Mabry, Marsha
McNabb, Trena
McRae Industries, Inc.
North Carolina Community Foundation
People Helping People. Inc.
Proctor, Richard and Jean
Propane Education and Research Council
Red Shoe Services
Speer, Andy and Lesa
State of North Carolina
Strong, Russell and Sherry

Dean’s Club ($500 – $999) 

Blackbaud Giving Fund
Blake, Karen
Bledsoe, Chad
Boomerang Design
Brady and Joan Dickson Endowment – NCCF
Communities in Schools
Cupples, Clyde and Sharon
Dickson Family Foundation
Ellis, James and June
Erickson, Delbert and Myra
First Bank
First Baptist Church, Troy
Fuller, Ernest and Joyce
Garris, Daffie
Greenthumb Nursery
Harris, Robert
Hunters Helping Kids
Hussey, Paul and Donna
Johnson, Harriet and Michael
Knowles, Gordon and Susan
Leake, Earl
McBride, Jeanette and Ronald
McRae, Gary and Kat
Montgomery Motors
Randolph Electric Membership Corporation
Simmons, Tammy and Ernest
Smith, Beth and Dennis
Thompson, Ronnie and Jane
Troy Rotary Club
Van Sinderen, Sandy and Jane

Faculty Club ($100 – $499)

Absher, Phil and Terri
Allen, James and Sissie
Alt, Thomas
Anderson, Roy and Doris
Athay, Billy
Atkins, Courtney
Bailey, Morgan
Barden, Deborah
Bear Insurance services
Biscoe Lions Club
Blair Adams, JoAnn and Ron
Blair, Karen
Blanchard, Jessica
Brantley, Karyen
Brewer, Peggy
Briggs, Bill
Britt, David and April
Britt, Sandra
Brown, Deanne and Kelsey
Burgess, Patty
Burke, Stewart and Susan
Capel, Richard
Caroline’s Boutique and Gifts
Carrick, Jonathan
Carter, Billy
Carter, Lucille
Central Lumber and Supply
Chi Sigma Club
Collins, Mike
Credle, Eric and Susan
David, Donald
DeBerry, Steven and Brenda
Devereux, Dennis and Susan
Douglas, Debby
Dye, Mark
Elkins, Michael and Angela
Ellis, Dale and Alisha
Ellison, Cindy
Epps, Donny and Lynn
Ervin, Marcus and Korrie
Fagan, Len
Frick, Wanda
Frieary, Edward and Amy
Friendly Chevrolet and Buick
Fyre, Karen
Furr, Arthur
Gardner, Andrew
Garner, Edwin
Gibson, Robin
Gilbreath, George and Judith
Grissom, Wendy
Hamilton, Jessica
Hamilton, Kent and Susan
Harrell, Arthur and Catherine
Harris, Connie
Harris, Dennis and Sandy
Harris, Kathy
Harris, Larry
Harwood, Donna
Hatchel, Doni and Jeff
Haywood, Emily
Haywood, Michele and David
Hensley, Kerry
Herron, Peter and Nancy
Hershberger, Susan and Kevin
Hinson, Edwin and Kathryn
Hodges, Frances
Holder, Michael
Holton, Carol
Hudson, Teresa and Wendell
Huntley, Rosemary and Joe
Iron Horse Auction Company
J&J Consultants
Blair, Jay
Jeffery Webb Construction, Inc.
Jenkins, James and Shirley
Jenkins, Jimmy and Stephanie
Jones, Craig
Jones, Phillip
Jordan, Jeff
Kearns, David and Dixie
Kennedy, Larry and Donna
Kirk, Mary and Charles
Lamonds, Charles and Leigh
Lassiter, Larry and Deloris
Lemonds, Joyce
Lemonds, Lewis
Little, Mark
Little, Shandia
Little, Shaquille
Luck, Tonya
Mabe, Mike and Delbra
Maness, Mamie and James
Martin, Gregg and Kimberly
Martin, Mar’Kisha
Martin, Samuel
Matheny, Jim and Sharon
McAllister, Lori
McCallum, Tina
McNeill, Bruce and Linda
McRae, Lorraine
Miller, Chip and Sandra
Miller, Judy
Morgan, Allie
Morgan, Ernest and Kelly
Morris, Jackie and Ruth
Mutarelli, Matthew
Myrick Construction, Inc.
Owens, Tammy
Parsons, Brenda
Parsons, Carolyn
Parsons, Connie and John
Parsons, Phyllis
Paxton, Nancy
Pfeiffer, Tina
Phillips Funeral Home
Piehl, Don and Ann
Pierce Group Benefits, LLC
Poole Carol
Presnell, Spencer and Anita
Price, Bill and Sarah
Sharpe, Jim
Prince, Damon and Lane
Quik Chek, Inc.
Raffaldt, Pam
Ratcliff, Willie
Reynolds, Ray
Robertson, Chris
Ruppert, Nancy
Sanchez, Diana
Saunders, Mike and Carolyn
Scott, Ambert
Seawell, Heather
Sedberry, Betty
Sheffield, Timothy
Sir Pizza
Smith, Michael and Lisa
Spivey, Cletus and Deborah
Spivey, James and Hazel
Stevens, Judy and Gerald
Stevens, Stephanie
Studio Elite
Sydalack, Kavin
Thomas, Crystal
Thompson, Catherine and Warren
Thompson, Timothy and Tina
Umber, Roger and Wanda
Uwharrie Builders
Vang, Foung
Vang, Myker
Vang, Thai
Vang, Touger and La
Vang, Touger
Vaughn, Wendy
Wallace-Dunn Heating and A/C, Inc.
Warner, Jamie
Weishner, Stephanie
William R. Huneycutt, CPA
Williams, Alexander
Winfree, Natalie
Winn, Charles and Rosemary
Wyrick, Tracey

Friends of the College ($1 – $99)

Ayers, Monette
Beaman, Riley and Amanda
Bond, Melisa and Anthony
Bowers, Gloria and John
Brown, Darlene
Bunting, Rebekah
Burns, Allison
Courts, Andrew
Gallimore, Pearl
Garner, Jennifer
Heath, Savannah
Hendrix, David
Holmes, Edward and Stella
Housley, Tavia
Hurley, Dylan
Hussey, David and Robin
Jones, Renee
Klass, David
Krueger, Luke
Latham, Jessica
Lowder, Karen
McKenzie, Peggy
Mingin, Lucas
Muoio, Domenick
Myrick, Bobby
Phillips, Margie and Lanny
Rice, Roger and Susan
Russell, Kay
Smith, James and Paula
Stilwell, John and Anne
Thompson, Bill and Lela
Williams, Sydney

In Kind Donations

Asheville Arboretum
Batson, James
Campbell, Theresa
Carolina Panthers
Charlotte Ballet
Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Knights
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Chrisco Pottery
Crystal King Pottery
Ferree, Mike and Beth
Flowers on Main
FN America, LLC
Greensboro Grasshoppers
Latham, Jessica
Martin, Hugh and Cindy
Montgomery Farm and Garden
Museum of Life and Science
Nantahala Outdoor Center
Owens, Mark
Phil Morgan Pottery (Phil Morgan)
ProShots (Joshua Wilson)
STARworks (Nancy Gottovi)
Studio Elite
Sunbelt Service Pros (Charles Ferrell)
Turn & Burn
Tweetsie Railroad
US National Whitewater Center
Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery
Whynot Pottery
Winterfire Craft Gallery

Legacy Gifts

Dr. Chad Bledsoe
AirServe – Kenneth Cagle
In Memory of Kameron Kellam – Kimberly DeBerry
Pandora Dumas
Seagrove Lumber – Keith Seachrest & Phillip Seachrest
Troy Ready Mix, Inc. – James Macon
Midway Frame Shop – Candace Russell, Larry Seachrest & Tom Seachrest
McBride Lumber Company – Ronald McBride



Christina “Christy” Blake Myrick

  • Karen Blake
  • Caroline’s Boutique & Gifts
  • Lucille Carter
  • Pearl Gallimore
  • Kathy Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harrell
  • Bill Hudson
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Hussey
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jenkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jenkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Martin
  • Tina McCallum
  • Myrick Construction, Inc.
  • Nancy Paxton
  • Tina Pfieffer
  • Red Shoe Services
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Spivey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stevens
  • Stephanie Stevens
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thompson
  • Ronnie and Jane Thompson

Lowell Russell

  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rice

George Friedman

  • Jo-Ann Blair Adams
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Burke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arron W.E. Capel
  • Central Lumber & Supply
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Holmes
  • Mr. Samuel Martin
  • Montgomery Community College
  • Mrs. David Whitesell


  • Phil Absher
    • Jim and Claudia Bulthuis
  • Grady G. Thomas
    • Richard Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Allen
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. Morgan Bailey
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Nichols Beard
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Beard
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Dr. Chad Bledsoe
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mrs. Paul Boone
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Neilson Brown
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul Chandley
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Christian
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Glenda and Chuck Cook
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Duckworth
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carey Durham
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Hensley
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mrs. Herbert Holt, Jr.
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mary and Charles Kirk
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Ms. Carol Neilson
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mrs. John Norris
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dave Pittman
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Reggie Ponder
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Ms. Gay Russell
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Grady G. Thomas, Jr.
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. Grady G. Thomas, III
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thomas
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Turner
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Joanne and Emerson Tuttle
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Workman
    • Gelynda T. and Arron W.E. Capel