The organization shall be known as the MCC Forestry Club. Membership is open to full and/or part-time students and employees at MCC. Dues for the club will be determined by the members at the first meeting of each fall term. Meetings for the club members will be established at the first meeting of the officers.

The goals and objectives of the club are as follows:

  1. Promote extracurricular educational opportunities and activities for club members.
  2. Provide an organization for post-classroom fellowship among the members during both formal and informal forestry-related activities.
  3. Provide an organization that can offer and provides its available resources for community service in the area of forestry.
  4. Raise funds so the above goals and objectives can be met. This will be accomplished through various fund-raising events and through the conducting of forestry-related community service projects.


Dylan Hurley

Dylan Hurley

Department Chair, Forestry