Account Activation

How do I find my Username?

Obtain your Username:
MCC Usernames will be automatically generated. It is possible that your Username has changed since the last time you were a student at MCC. It is important that you use the button below to obtain your Username. You will need this Username for all services. To find your username click the button below. On this screen, you will enter your Last Name and either your SSN or your Student ID number. Do NOT enter both numbers. Click Submit, then write down your Username and click OK.



I'm Resetting my password and I don't know my 7 digit college ID number

Click the button below. On this screen, you will enter your Last Name and your SSN. Click Submit, you will see your Username. Hit the back button in the browser. Your 7 digit college ID number will now be populated in the colleague ID field. 



Create a Password with the Password Portal

If you have already created a password at the Password Portal, you will use the same password for all services. If you need to create/reset your password, please go to the Password Portal.

Create Password

1. Go to the Password Portal.
2. Select Reset Password. 
3. Input Username. Click next. 
4. Answer the questions. Make sure to use the name on file. Input birthdate in the MMDDYY format (ex. 010895 for January 8, 1995). Click next.
5. Input new password. Password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least 1 Upper Case, 1 Lower Case, and 1 number. (Example: Green1Tea)