Basic Rifle Reloading 
The basis of this class will be to expound upon the reloading curriculum included within the Gunsmithing Program at MCC. In simple terms, this class will serve as instruction and practice in developing and perfecting a “load” catered specifically to each student’s individual rifle. The class will include a basic understanding of reloading terminology and practices, as well as the more intricate details and tooling associated with creating ammunition and perfecting a specific cartridge/projectile combination to best suit the student’s rifle. Instructor: Billy Athay. Tool List
Basic Rifle Reloading | 7/21-7/24 | TWTHF | 9A-6P | $201.60

Handloading for Precision Rifle
This course will provide techniques for rifle reloading success, whether the goal is the production of more accurate hunting hand loads, long-range precision ammunition, or benchrest quality loads. Techniques and equipment will be discussed. Ammunition will be loaded, and then tested on the range. Results will be analyzed and changes applied to loads to be re-tested for improvements in accuracy and consistency. Instructor: Frank Stephenson. Tool List
Handloading for Precision Rifle | 10/26-10/30 | MTWTHF | 9A-6P | $201.60