(Machining experience not required for these classes but a working knowledge of the subject matter is helpful.)

Clay Target Shotgun
This class will cover custom gunsmithing work commonly performed on shotguns for competition skeet, trap, and sporting clays. Topics include installation of fixed and adjustable recoil pads, cutting stocks for adjustable combs, forcing cone lengthening, installation of recoil reducers, and fitting a shotgun to the individual shooter. Also included will be a detailed analysis of trigger, ejector, and safety systems used on over/under shotguns. Instructor: Wayne Coley. Tool List
Clay Target Shotgun | 6/22-6/25 | MTWTH | 9A-6P | $201.60

Tactical Shotgun / 3 Gun Shotgun
Many people still appreciate the usefulness and flexibility a shotgun provides for tactical defense & 3-gun sporting competitions. Popular modifications for both overlap in many areas. Subjects will include: sight mods, opening up of the loading gate, barrel work to include lengthening forcing cone, back boring, choke installation and porting. Stock replacement, magazine extension, side saddle, match saver, & other accessories installation. Models focused on will be Rem 870, Versa Max, 1187, Mossberg 500/590, Mossberg 930, Benelli(s) and any others. Instructor: Jacob Porter. Tool List
Tactical Shotgun / 3 Gun Shotgun | 9/18-9/20 | FSASU | 9A-6P | $146.60