Restoration of Fluid-Steel and Demascus-Steel Shotgun Barrels
This course would teach the proper procedures to recondition barrels of side-by-side shotguns, including fluid steel and Damascus steel barrels. Approximately half the time would be spent on metal preparation, including correct procedures for filing and sanding to base metal; raising dents; removing pits from the exterior of barrels; honing bores; and, as desired, opening chokes. The remainder of the course time would be focused on using the slow-rust-blue process to refinish fluid steel barrels, and for Damascus steel barrels the traditional process of bluing (or browning) and etching. As time permits, the Belgian rust-blue process may also be taught. Instructor: Steve Wesbrook. Tool List
Restoration of Fluid-Steel and Demascus-Steel Shotgun Barrels | 7/27-7/31 | MTWTHF | 9A-6P | $201.60

Metal Engraving
This class is designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced engravers using traditional hammer and chisel, bruin, and power assist tools. Students will be exposed to a variety of current engraving tools and techniques. This ten-day class will be taught at an individual level. Students are supplied with an engraving vice and workbench but are required to bring additional tools, supplies, and projects. Instructor: Jesse Houser. Tool List
Metal Engraving | 7/27-8/7 with 8/1-8/2 OFF | MTWTHF | 9A-6P | $256.60

Stencil Painted Finishes
Spend a weekend at MCC learning the more advanced techniques of the most popular firearms finish available in the industry, Cerakote. Topics will include stencil application, Stencil creation, camouflage patterns, battle-worn and other techniques. Students will supply their own firearm and Cerakote colors. Students are encouraged to choose firearms that are typically simpler for disassembly and reassembly like Glock pistols, AR-15 pattern rifles, and pump shotguns like the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. Instructor: Jacob Porter *(SS) Self-supporting. Tool List
Stencil Painted Finishes | 8/22-8/23 | SASU | 9A-6P | $205

Hydrographics: Water Transfer Printing
This course will cover all the basics and techniques necessary to produce professional-quality hydrographic coatings on firearms. Topics will include an introduction to the water transfer process, sample exercises, surface preparation. Further instruction will cover the actual dipping process, top coatings, and finishing options. Advanced techniques such as masking, touch-up, and double-dipping will also be covered. Students will provide projects for coating. Instructor: Jay Byrum *(SS) Self-supporting. Tool List
Hydrographics: Water Transfer Printing | 10/2-10/4 | FSASU | 9A-6P | $146.60

Painted Finishes: Open Lab
The goal of this class is to give a student who has learned the basic skills access to the equipment needed to apply Cerakote. An experienced instructor will be present if a question arises or guidance is needed but no formal lectures will be held. Only good old fashioned shop time. Think of this class as a Cerkote play zone for the weekend. If you want to try it, take a shot at it. Students will supply their own firearms, stencils and Cerakote colors. To take this course students must have one of the following: Completed the basic painted finishes class, completed the Stencil painted finishes or be a student or recent alumni of the MCC Gunsmithing degree program. Instructor: Jacob Porter *(SS) Self-supporting. Tool List
Painted Finishes: Open Lab | 10/17-10/18 | SASU | 9A-6P | $205