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Montgomery Community College is one of four schools in the nation to offer NRA approved, affiliated short-term gunsmithing courses. Classes are taught by nationally and internationally known gunsmiths and craftsmen who share their expertise in courses from basic to advanced techniques. Most classes combine a hands-on and lecture format and range from three days to two weeks in length. MCC also offers a two-year associate degree program in Gunsmithing. Discover more about our quality facilities, experienced instructors, and comprehensive curriculum by clicking here.

2021 NRA short-term gunsmithing class schedule is posted below. Classes are added throughout the semester so check back often.


Registration by credit card may be made online (click for instructions)

Or download and complete a registration form and

  • Call 910-898-9672 with your complete registration and credit card information OR
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  • Fax completed registration form and credit card information to 910-576-5162 OR
  • Mail completed registration form with payment to: MCC, Attn: ConEd Registration, 1011 Page Street, Troy, NC 27371 OR
  • Visit us in the NC Works Career Center / Workforce Development Center located adjacent to Blair Hall (Bldg. 100) Monday through Thursday, 8 AM – 5 PM or Friday, 8 AM – 12 PM.

Refunds: No refunds will be made for classes with a self-supporing (SS) designation. Self-supporting classes are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by Montgomery Community College. Classes without a self-supporting designation are eligible for a full refund if the registrant withdraws prior to the class start date. Partial refunds may be made up to the 10% point of class meeting hours. Please click here to view Montgomery Community College’s Continuing Education Refund

For information about the NRA short-term gunsmithing classes please contact Alex Williams at 910-898-9744 or email

NRA Classes

NRA Classes

NRA Introductory Level Classes

While these classes are listed as introductory, do not mistake the high level of instruction that will be given. This simply means that prior experience is not a requirement.

AR-15 Armorer Course
Our AR-15 armorer course is a two-day comprehensive course covering the assembly/disassembly, cycle of operations, nomenclature, gas system, barrel twist and length, barrel replacement, aftermarket parts and modifications, ballistic issues, brands, cleaning and maintenance, sights/optics, headspace, firing pin protrusion, along with service and repair of the AR-15 platform. Self Support. Instructor: Jacob Porter
AR-15 Armorer Course | 10/9-10/10 | SASU | 9AM-6PM | $205

Basic Gunsmithing: Shotgun
This course will provide students a unique opportunity for students to learn to apply basic knowledge of shotgun function to actual repair projects. Instruction will stress a comprehension of the basics of how shotguns function on a mechanical level. Students will then be presented with broken firearms exhibiting common problems found within that particular model. This series of exercises will allow a real-world look at the steps of diagnosis and repair under the supervision of a professional gunsmith. Students are encouraged to bring shotgun repair projects. Instructor: Wayne Coley
Basic Gunsmithing: Shotgun | 7/16-7/18 | FSASU | 9AM-6PM | $146.60

Ruger Single Action Revolver
Basic tuning theory, troubleshooting, simple custom modifications, and related metal working techniques will be demonstrated and performed. This class is geared toward popular Ruger single-action revolvers. While the course is based on revolvers for field use, some alterations for other uses will be discussed as well. Self Support. Instructor: Hamilton Bowen
Ruger Single Action Revolver | 7/26-7/30 | MTWTHF | 9AM-6PM | $399

Basic Stock Checkering
Learn layout and hand-cutting of a standard point pattern stock checkering. Topics will include layout and hand-cutting of a fleur-de-lis pattern and recutting of existing patterns including stamped checkering. Repair of damaged checkering as well as staining and finishing of completed checkering will be examined. Instructor: Mark Novak of Anvil Gunsmithing on Youtube
Basic Stock Checkering | 8/2-8/6 | MTWTHF | 9AM-6PM | $201.60

Restoration of Doublegun Stocks and Forends
This course teaches the proper procedures to repair and refinish the wood on double-barrel shotguns. The instructor will guide the students through the complete process of disassembly of the gun into major components, removing old finish, drawing out damaging petroleum-based oils, sanding and steaming out dents and scratches, making necessary repairs, cleaning out old checking, applying a hand-rubbed stock-oil finish, and refitting the metal parts into the wood. The instructor will demonstrate the process at each step and assist the students on their individual projects. Using pictures of damaged stocks and forends, the instructor will show students the repair process for the most common problems encountered with the wood on vintage double shotguns. He will thereafter assist students in repair of the specific problems with their guns. Instructor: Steve Wesbrook 
Restoration of Doublegun Stocks and Forends | 9/13-9/17 | MTWTHF | 9AM-6PM | $201.60

Custom Polymer Grip Stippling
Learn how to professionally stipple polymer framed handguns. Instruction will include creating features like hard borders, undercuts, polishing, engraving and developing your own patterns. You will learn how to properly stipple by learning how to remove old texture, cutting in lines (hard borders), removing material on the trigger guard and polishing it beyond factory smooth to a mirrored finish. Everything that separates a novice stippler from a professional will be addressed in this class. Students will get to feel and see the difference between factory offerings and custom professional quality work. Instructor: Olivia Clark
Custom Polymer Grip Stippling | 10/8-10/10 | FSASU | 9AM-6PM | $146.60

Machine Gun 101
This course will introduce students to the design, function, and history of machine guns.  Several historically significant fully-automatic firearms will be presented, disassembled and discussed.  Function theory and mechanics will be the main focus of the class. Several of the classroom examples will be test fired on the MCC range on the last day of class. Cost includes a class lab fee for ammunition. Self Support. Instructor: Ronnie Beal
Machine Gun 101 | 11/12-11/14 | FSASU | 9AM-6PM | $420

Build Your Own: AR-15
This course will supply students with the tools, knowledge, and techniques necessary to assemble a match quality AR-15 from components. Instruction will cover function of the firearm, steps for proper assembly, tooling necessary for these tasks and troubleshooting help. Alternate calibers, detailed malfunction diagnosis and modifications for top level accuracy and reliability will be discussed at length. Detailed discussion will be devoted to the myriad aftermarket components available for this platform. Students should take away a thorough understanding of this firearm system. Instructor: Jacob Porter
Build Your Own: AR-15 | 12/3-12/5 | FSASU | 9AM-6PM | $146.60

Firearms Finishing Classes

Restoration of Fluid-Steel and Damascus-Steel Shotgun Barrels
This course teaches the proper procedures to recondition barrels of side-by-side shotguns, including fluid steel and Damascus steel barrels. Approximately half the time will be spent on metal preparation, including correct procedures for filing and sanding to base metal; raising dents; removing pits from the exterior of barrels; honing bores; and, as desired, opening chokes. The remainder of the course time will be focused on using the slow-rust-blue process to refinish fluid steel barrels, and for Damascus steel barrels the traditional process of bluing (or browning) and etching. As time permits, the Belgian rust-blue process may also be taught. Instructor: Steve Wesbrook 
Restoration of Shotgun Barrels | 7/26-7/30 | MTWTHF | 9AM-6PM | $201.60

Stencil Painted Finishes
Spend a weekend at MCC learning the more advanced techniques of the most popular firearms finish available in the industry, Cerakote. Topics will include stencil application, Stencil creation, camouflage patterns, battle worn and other techniques.  Students will supply their own firearm and Cerakote colors. Students are encouraged to choose firearms that are typically simpler for disassembly and reassembly like Glock pistols, AR-15 pattern rifles, and pump shotguns like the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. Self Support. Instructor: Jacob Porter
Stencil Painted Finishes | 9/25-9/26 | SASU | 9AM-6PM | $205.00

Reloading Classes

Rifle Load Development
The basis of this class will be to expound upon the reloading curriculum included within the Gunsmithing Program at MCC. In simple terms this class will serve as instruction and practice in developing and perfecting a “load” catered specifically to each student’s individual rifle. The class will include a basic understanding of reloading terminology and practices, as well as the more intricate details and tooling associated with creating ammunition and perfecting a specific cartridge/projectile combination to best suit the student’s rifle. Instructor: Billy Athay
Rifle Load Development | 7/26-7/30 | MTWTHF | 9AM-6PM | $201.60

NRA Shooting Instruction Classes

Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
This course, taught by a nationally-known IDPA and USPSA champion, will focus on the fundamental techniques necessary for fast and accurate handgun shooting. Topics will include: proper grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger control. Other topics such as drawing from a holster, performing magazine changes and controlling recoil will be discussed at length. Self Support. Instructor: Gary Byerly
Pistol Shooting Fundamentals | 10/2 | SA | 9AM-6PM | $160

AR-15 Shooting Fundamentals
This course, taught by a nationally-known IDPA and USPSA champion, will focus on the fundamental techniques necessary for fast and accurate AR-15 shooting. The firearms platform that will be focused on will be the AR-15. Topics will include: proper grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger control. Other topics such as rifle manipulation, performing magazine changes and controlling recoil will be discussed at length. Self Support. Instructor: Gary Byerly
AR-15 Shooting Fundamentals | 10/3 | SU | 9AM-6PM | $160

NRA Advanced Classes I

(Machining experience not required for these classes but a working knowledge of the subject matter is helpful.)

NRA Advanced Classes II

(Machining experience is required for the following classes.)

Remington 700 Precision Barreling 
Learn how to build a precision Remington 700 (or 700 clone) barreled action. Receiver truing, bolt truing, barrel chambering, barrel fitting and muzzle crowning will be fully covered. The student will chamber their match barrel utilizing the “through the lathe headstock” method. Upon completion their barreled action will be shot for accuracy. Loaner chassis will be available.Working knowledge of the metal lathe and mill is required. Self Support. Instructor: Len Fagan
Remington 700 Precision Barreling  | 7/20-7/24 | TWTHFSA | 9AM-6PM | $499

Custom 1911 Pistol Build Class (10 DAYS)
Students will be guided through the entire process of building their own precision 1911 type pistol. Students will receive instruction in techniques, procedures, proper use of tools/jigs and theory required to build an exceptionally reliable and accurate 1911 pistol. They will then apply these methods, under supervision, to build their pistol. Class lectures will cover troubling shooting and in-depth discussions on the function and the why of specific methods and modifications of the 1911 pistol. At the end of the course, each student will have built and test fired their 1911 pistol and will have been provided various informational papers and a build checklist. Students will be required to purchase a “pistol kit” provided by the instructor. This kit will provide all the parts required, less sights and grips, in order to keep the class instruction standardize and to prevent excessive time spent fixing and modifying substandard parts.  The parts in the kit will be sourced from several quality manufacturers and will include a Nighthawk frame, slide and Kart Precision barrel. Students will receive a letter which details options and procedures for ordering and payment for their kit. Out of state residents will be required to coordinate with a FFL in their state of residence to receive and transfer the frame to them. The instructor will provide the kits at cost plus NC sales tax. Self Support. Instructor: Tim Davis
Custom 1911 Pistol Build Class (10 DAYS) | 8/2-8/13 | MTWTHF | 9AM-6PM | $699

Suppressor 101
This class will take students through the necessary steps to build their own legal suppressor. A portion of class time will be devoted to laws and regulations regarding suppressors and other NFA items. Suppressor design theory will be explored in detail. Students will have the opportunity to build a legal suppressor. (IMPORTANT: Students must have an approved ATF Form 1 in order to be officially registered in the class.) Lathe experience is required for this class. Self Support. Instructor: Ronnie Beal
Suppressor 101 | 10/8-10/12 | FSASUMT | 9AM-6PM | $399

*(SS) Self supporting classes are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by the college.

Knife Making

Tommy McNabb Knifemaking Scholarship – This scholarship provides $200 per class for a student who enrolls in a knifemaking class with an expressed financial need. Recipients must demonstrate an interest in knifemaking by individual study to the point at which they are ready for formal training. Contact the Continuing Education Office for an application at or call 910-898-9672.

Basic Folding Knife Making
This class will cover basic design and construction of a frame lock folding knife with exposed pivots. All materials for class will be provided. Class is open to all levels of experience. Some knowledge of knife making or other classes in knife making helpful but not required. Students will finish a completed folding knife. Self Support. Instructor: Ed and Tanya VanHoy
Basic Folding Knife Making | 9/16-9/19 | THFSASU | 9A-6P | $356.60

Chef Knife Making
During this three-day chef knife class students will be instructed on how to make a chef knife. Topics that will be covered in class include: knife design, steel selection, heat-treating, knife grinding, blade finishing, handle selection, handle finishing, blade sharping, and the use of equipment and tools used in making a knife. Materials and supplies will be provided to make a finished chef knife using stainless steel. Simple wood handle material will be provided, but students are welcome to bring wood of their own choosing. Self Support. Instructor: Ken Hall
Chef Knife Making | 10/1-10/3 | FSASU | 9A-6P | $316.60

Tomahawk Forging
Forging a tomahawk is a great starter project for blacksmithing. Forging the head will introduce students to the basic practice of drawing and shaping steel as well as forge-welding and heat treating to harden the edge. Students will forge a traditional style “wrap-around” tomahawk head and will shape/fit the handle form provided hardwood blanks. Then students will personalize and complete this “hawk” with traditional details and embellishments of their choosing. Open to all levels of experience. Self Support. Instructor: John Hege
Tomahawk Forging | 10/8-10/10 | FSASU | 9A-6P | $316.60

Advanced Folding Knife Making
This class will cover design and construction of knife consisting of more advanced parts including the use of hidden pivot, bolsters and liners. Class will be open to all levels of experience. All materials will be provided for the class, some knowledge of knife making helpful but not required. Students will finish a completed folding knife. Self Support. Instructor: Ed and Tanya VanHoy
Advanced Folding Knife Making | 10/21-10/24 | THFSASU | 9A-6P | $366.60

Christmas Knife Making
Just in time for a great Christmas gift! MCC is proud to present our annual tradition of the Christmas Knife class with the legendary Ed VanHoy. In this class, you will learn how to complete a knife from scratch including how to make a custom leather sheath. Students will design, shape, heat treat, cut custom grips, hollow grind, polish and sheath their own knives. Whether the class is a present for a loved one, a chance to make a present for a loved one, or just a present for yourself, you can’t beat this annual tradition. All materials will be provided. Self Support. Instructor: Ed and Tanya VanHoy
Christmas Knife Making | 12/2-12/5 | THFSASU | 9A-6P | $375

D-Guard Bowie Knife
A “D-Guard” Bowie was the traditional short sword carried by many confederate troops during the American Civil War. So called because the closed hand guard is shaped like a D, it is a large fighting Bowie featuring a blade about 16 or more inches long. While there are many manufactured versions, there are also many other versions made by local blacksmiths. Making a D-Guard Bowie is a good project for someone new to bladesmithing. During the class, students will hammer out, harden and finish a blade and fashion and fit a steel guard and wooden handle. Self Support. Instructor: John Hege
D-Guard Bowie Knife | 12/10-12/12 | FSASU | 9A-6P | $316.60

*(SS) Self supporting classes are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by the college.