Beer and ingredients in glasses

Raise your glass to a unique new learning opportunity at Montgomery Community College! Our homebrewing courses are designed for beginners, but offer more advanced classes as well. Please call 910-898-9672 or email for more information about upcoming courses or to get your name on a waiting list.

Breakdown of Courses

1. Intro to Homebrew

Intro to Homebrew examines the fundamental concepts necessary for homebrewing. The course will introduce you to the types of equipment that will be needed and essential materials. During the course, students will brew various types of beer to be taken home when the course is completed. Students will also learn about different styles of beer. Depending on the number of students in the class, students may be able to brew alone or in a group.

2. Extract Recipe Theory

Extract Recipe Theory dives deeper into homebrew styles and beer types. During the course, students will be able to brew more recipes together and again take the beer home. The beer should be ready before the last class day. Concluding this course, students will be able to report types of beer made and troubleshoot if needed.

Prerequisite: Intro to Homebrew

3. Grain Brewing

Grain Brewing introduces brewing with a 3 tier system. All grain batches will be produced. The recipe used will be determined by students in class and everyone will brew together on the same system.

Prerequisite: Extract Recipe Theory