Policy 7.2.1 - Library

I. Mission

The Montgomery Community College Library’s mission is to provide access to information in a variety of formats and to serve as an integral part of the College’s teaching, learning, research, and service to on-campus and distance education students, faculty, staff, and community in direct support of the College’s mission.

II. Objectives

To accomplish the Library’s mission, it shall continually work to:

A. Build, with the collaboration of faculty, a collection of resources appropriate to the curriculum and to the College community’s current and future needs.

B. Utilize current technologies to provide a system of organization and physical access to the Library’s collection and to sources beyond the collection.

C. Design and deliver instruction and consultation about organization, content and use of learning resources that includes instruction that is user-based, on demand and customizable.

D. Provide a functional, accessible, attractive, user-centered physical facility to support and increase the use of  learning and information resources.

Adopted: November 13, 2019