Policy 6.3.13 - Business Entertaining

A. Consistent with North Carolina’s conflict of interest laws and Policy 1.4 – Conflict of Interest, employees may entertain associates and prospective students on the College’s behalf with the President’s prior authority. When granting authority, the President shall approve the type of entertaining and grant expense limits.

B. Entertainment expenses will be paid or reimbursed if such expenses are directly related to the College’s business and are approved in advance by the President. Employees who incur entertainment expenses not directly related to College business and/or without the President’s approval will be personally liable for said expenses.

C. To be approved by the President, the employee must submit documentation required by the Business Office. The documentation must contain a detailed itemization of the anticipated expenses to be incurred, the date, place and business reason for the entertaining and the names of those participating and their relationship to the College.

D. Entertainment reimbursements claims must be accounted for separately from any other expense reimbursement claim. Receipts must be included with reimbursement claims.

E. Business functions or entertainment involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.

Adopted: January 9, 2019