Procedure - Use of College Procurement Cards

Procurement Cards (“P-Cards”) may be used to complete transactions where the preferred state procurement method is not possible due to time or purchasing constraints. Utilization of P-Cards is limited. In order to use the College’s P-Card, a requisition must be submitted through Etrieve. P-Cards shall be used for the following kinds of items.

1. Purchases of supplies or travel registration that cannot be bought with purchase order.

2. Hotel Reservations approved by the College President.

3. Emergency situations (broken equipment, etc.) that require immediate purchase.

P-Cards are not intended to circumvent the purchasing process. P-Card use shall be closely monitored. Any person using a P-Card without authorization will be personally responsible for reimbursing the College within twenty four (24) hours the amount of the purchase.

In addition, refer to the College’s Purchasing and Procurement manual for detailed purchasing procedures.

Adopted: January 9, 2019


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