Policy 6.3.6 - Contracting Authority

The Board is the official legal entity for the College. Unless otherwise delegated, the power to
contract on the Board’s behalf is solely vested with the Board. The College’s size and complexity,
however, is such that individual review by the Board of every agreement is neither feasible nor in
the College’s best interest. Therefore, certain delegations of contracting authority are appropriate
within the following specified guidelines.

A. Contacting Authority Delegation – the President is hereby expressly authorized and
empowered to contract in the Board’s name as follows:

1. All full-time employment contracts shall be signed by the President. The
President may designate Vice President/ Deans to sign part-time/temporary

2. Capital Improvement Change Orders – The President and the Board Chair
may jointly approve a capital improvement change order when, in the
opinion of the President, the deferral of the change order until the next
regular board meeting would cause a significant delay in the progress of the
capital improvement project. All change orders thus approved shall be
submitted to the Board for ratification at the earliest practical time.

3. Service Agreements – The President and Vice President of Administrative
Services/Chief Financial Officer shall have authority to execute service

4. Instructional Agreements – The President is expressly authorized to sign all
instructional agreements on the Board’s behalf.

5. Cooperative Agency Agreements – The President is authorized to sign all
cooperative, interinstitutional and interagency agreements on the Board’s

B. Signatory Authority – Unless the authorizing action of the Board specifically
provides otherwise, any contract approved by the Board shall be executed on the
Board’s behalf by either the Board Chair or the President.

C. Custody of Contracts – The President is hereby designated as custodian of all Board
contracts. He/she shall maintain on file in either the President’s office or the
Business Office one of every contract to which the Board is a party.

D. Reporting – The President shall periodically report to the Board all contracts made
pursuant to delegated authority.

Legal Reference: N.C.G.S. § 115D-14

Adopted: January 9, 2019