Procedure - Operating College Vehicles

Operating College Vehicles

College vehicles are provided for use by faculty and staff for conducting college business. To prevent scheduling conflicts, employees wishing to use the College vehicles should indicate MCC Vehicle under Travel Methods on the Travel Authorization Form which is routed to the Vice President of Administrative Services via the respective Vice President. Cars may not be reserved more than one month in advance of actual travel. The use of private cars is desirable if it is known that the vehicle shall be parked in an airport parking lot or other location for as much as two (2) days.

Students may use college cars only with the permission of the Vice President of Administrative Services. Normally, student use of college cars is limited to the SGA President. Other students may operate buses and vans when permission is granted by the Vice President of Administrative Services upon the request of a faculty or staff member and when the student user has turned in a completed Field Trip Authorization Form and has undergone a driving record check.

Spouses and children of institution employees may accompany them in institution cars if space is available and all travel is strictly for official institution business. Spouses may not operate college vehicles.

Adopted: January 9, 2019