Procedure - Student Debt Collection

The following Procedures shall be used for student debt collection:

I. Enrolled Students

1. As charges become past due, the student will be informed regarding holds impacting future registration, transcripts and diplomas. Such holds remain in place until the past due amount is resolved.

II. Previously Enrolled Students

2. The College shall send the previously enrolled student a letter informing the student of the terms of the debt and how to pay the debt.

3. If, after thirty (30) calendar days, there is no satisfactory response to the letter, the College shall send a second and final letter.

4. If, after thirty (30) calendar days there is no satisfactory response to the second letter a final letter is sent stating:

a) Refer the matter to one of the State approved collection agencies; and

b) Refer the matter to the North Carolina Department of Revenue pursuant to the Set-off Collection Act.

If the student is paying a debt in periodic payments satisfactory to the College, the account may be retained until the account is satisfied.

Adopted: January 9, 2019