Policy 6.2.5 - Daily Deposits

All money regardless of source or purpose collected or received by a College officer, employee and/or agent shall be provided to the College’s Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable and deposited intact daily. Deposits shall be given to the Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable in the College’s Business Office prior to the end of the business day. The Cashier will provide to the officer, employee and/or agent a receipt for the money. All individuals shall physically deliver the money to be deposited to the Business Office and provide directly to the Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable or a Business Office staff member. Individuals are prohibited from sending money to the Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable through interoffice mail or leaving the money on the Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable’s desk.

Tuition and all revenues declared by law to be State moneys or otherwise shall be deposited pursuant to the rules of the State Treasurer.

Legal Reference: N.G.C.S. §§ 115D-58.9; 147-77

Adopted: January 9, 2019


To further our efforts to ensure a secure learning environment we will be implementing MFA for our school applications Friday June 9th. Please download the Microsoft Authenticator App and make sure we have your most up to date cell phone number in our records.

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 at 9:30 AM

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