Procedure - Student Club Deposits and Expenses

A. Club Advisors or designee are responsible for collecting funds and bringing to the Business Office to deposit in accordance with Policy 6.2.5 – Daily Deposits. All monies collected must be deposited by the end of the business day in which it was collected.

B. The College will not accept checks without a preprinted name and address (starter or counter checks) or checks with an expiration date (credit card account checks).

C. All deposits will be given to the Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable. The Accounting Technician/Accounts Receivable will verify the deposit and print a receipt.

D. Club Advisors or designees must verify that cash is available prior to spending.

E. When making purchases, the Purchase Requisition Form must be completed and approved with the Advisors signature. The completed Purchase Requisition Form for expenses shall be submitted to Accounts Payable who makes an additional verification of funds. The requisition shall then be submitted to Purchasing for a Purchase Order.

F. Once items have been received, the appropriate documentation (receiving and/or invoice) shall be forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment.

Adopted: January 9, 2019