Policy 5.4.6 - Student Clubs and Organizations

I. Overview

The College attempts to provide extracurricular activities for students since the College believes that such activities contribute to the overall growth and educational development of an individual. Students are expected to exhibit high standards of responsible citizenship during all College functions whether on or off campus. The Division of Student Services encourages and helps conduct a program of student activities. The student activity program is a part of the educational experience available to all students. Admission for all student activities shall be non-discriminatory.

II. Student Government Association

A. The Student Government Association (“SGA”) is made up of representatives from the student body. The SGA coordinates and regulates student activities and serves as the student body’s official voice. The President of the SGA is a non-voting member of the College’s Board of Trustees.

B. The SGA’s organizational documents shall be updated and shall be on file with the College’s Coordinator of Student Life & Recruitment (“Coordinator”). Any revisions to the SGA’s organizational documents shall be reviewed and approved by the College President.

C. State funds cannot be used for athletics or other extracurricular activities; therefore, almost all student activities are established and maintained by SGA funds. SGA funds are derived from a portion of student activity fees. The SGA budget will be approved by the SGA and submitted to the Vice President of Student Services (“Vice President”) as early in the school year as possible for approval. Expenditures of funds must be approved by the Coordinator and the Vice President.

III. Other Student Clubs and Organizations

A. The College maintains that extracurricular activities compliment the academic programs. Students are encouraged to participate in all phases of the student activities program as long as such participation is consistent with sound educational practices.

B. The following criteria must be considered by clubs who seek recognition as an official College student organization:

1. The organization must serve an area of student activity need;

2. The membership provisions must not exclude anyone because of his/her race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation;

3. The organization must agree to abide by the College’s policies and
administrative procedures;

4. The organization’s purpose must be compatible with the College’s philosophy and educational objectives; and

5. Such other reasonable rules and regulations required by the President.

C. Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations. Only officially recognized student clubs and organizations shall be allowed to function on the College’s campus. In order to achieve recognition, the applying club or organization must complete an official application, on file with the Dean of Student Services, and receive approval by the SGA, the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services and the College’s administrative cabinet.

IV. Fundraising

The President, in consultation with the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services and the Dean of Student Services, shall establish rules and regulations regarding student clubs and organizations’ fundraising activities. In addition to such rules and regulations, student clubs and organizations are limited as follows:

A. Raffles – The North Carolina General Statutes consider raffles as a form of gambling and are generally unlawful in the state of North Carolina. However, there is an exception that allows two (2) raffles per year for each tax exempt non-profit organization. The total cash prizes offered or paid by any exempt non-profit organization may not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in any calendar year. Student clubs and organizations are encouraged to use alternative methods of fundraising aside from raffles.

B. Food – Unless clubs and organizations have prior, written permission from the President or designee, clubs and organizations may only sell pre-packaged food items, professionally prepared food items prepared by a permitted entity, pre-wrapped items and beverages in sealed containers and must comply with all local Health Department regulations. Examples of these items include bottled/canned soft drinks, pre-wrapped sub sandwiches, wrapped/packaged desserts, etc. Muffins or cookies must be pre-packaged. The sale of food prepared or assembled at point of sale, such items as tacos, hot dogs, chili, sandwiches, etc. is prohibited unless prior authorization by the President or designee. The sale of potentially hazardous foods as described in 15A NCAC 18A .2635(9) shall not be allowed.

Pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 130A-250(7), the College, as a tax-exempt entity, is exempted from temporary food establishment permitting requirements for preparing or serving food or drink, for pay, no more frequently than once a month for a period not to exceed two consecutive days

Adopted: January 8, 2020
Legal Reference: N.C.G.S. §§ 14-309.15, 130A-250(7); 15A NCAC 18A .2635(9)