Procedure - Student Activities

I. Preface

The College encourages and supports student participation in a wide variety of extracurricular activities designed to complement the classroom experience. The College Student Government Association (“SGA”) is responsible for promoting the general welfare of the College, encouraging student involvement in the governance of the SGA, providing avenues for input in institutional decision making and promoting communication between students, staff, and faculty. Composed of all currently enrolled curriculum students, the SGA provides direction, guidance, and oversight of the activity budget.

As a means of facilitating student involvement in campus decision making, students are encouraged and invited to participate in various standing committees, advisory committees, and ad hoc committees. The President of the SGA serves as an ex officio nonvoting member of the College’s Board of Trustees and well as other standing committees. To get involved in campus governance, students are encouraged to contact elected officers
of the SGA or the faculty/staff advisor for the SGA.

II. Student Government

The SGA is composed of all curriculum students who are enrolled at the College. All SGA members are encouraged to be active participants in student affairs and to voice opinions and thoughts through their organization.

The President of the SGA is elected in April of each year. Other officers and representatives of the SGA are usually elected in September and provide leadership for the student body. The SGA sponsors athletic, social, and wellness activities that enhance student campus life. Students are involved in school affairs, with active participation on various advisory and ad hoc committees. Representatives of the SGA usually attend state conferences of the Student Government Association in the North Carolina Community College System. A budget governing the student activity fee for the following school year is recommended by the SGA in the spring. The budget usually covers special projects, student insurance,
socials, and dances.

III. Student Publications

All student publications are governed and approved by the SGA and the College’s administration. Student publications must be reviewed by the Editorial Committee for Student Publications prior to publication and distribution. The Committee will consist of the following persons: SGA President, SGA Advisor, Chairperson of the English Department, and an Assistant Vice President in Educational Services appointed by the Vice President for Instruction and Student Services. Publications should follow the guidelines of standard English and MLA/APA documentation for sources. Misuse or abuse of such publications may cause termination or abolishment of an approved publication.

IV. Athletics1

Athletics are available on a limited basis at the College. A strong intramural program is encouraged. The College provides room for expansion and is adding to those activities requested that are within budgetary limits and College policy.

V. Special Events

The SGA may sponsor other activities such as socials, films, speakers, and related activities that are of interest to the students. When such occasions arise, students are notified in advance and are encouraged to participate.

Adopted: January 8, 2020

1 If applicable.