Procedure - Discipline and Appeal for Academic Violations


The Vice President for Student Services (“Vice President”) is responsible for implementing student discipline procedures for academic dishonesty. The College is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all students. Academic integrity is an essential component to this level of education. The academic penalty for academic-related violations should be clearly stated by the instructor in each course syllabus and review at the beginning of the first class meeting.

These procedures only apply to academic-related violations, outlined herein and defined in Policy 5.3.2 Standards of Student Conduct. For non-academic violations, see Administrative Procedures


The following sanctions may be imposed for academic violations:

A. Re-complete the assignment;

B. Additional course work;

C. Loss of credit for the assignment; or

D. Loss of credit for the class.



An instructor suspecting an incident of an academic-related violation shall follow these steps to address the concern:

1. The instructor suspecting the alleged violation shall first present concerns to the student and provide an opportunity for the student to explain or refute the concerns.

2. The student will be allowed to comment on the evidence or to present evidence to clarify the issue in question.

3. Based on the evidence presented and the student’s comments, the instructor shall determine whether or not an academic-violation has occurred. This determination will result in one of the following findings:

a. An academic-related violation did not take place and the issue is resolved.

b. An act of academic dishonesty did occur in the instructor’s opinion.


The instructor will communicate his/her findings via email to the student’s official College email address within five (5) business days of the initial meeting with the student. If an email address is not available, the instructor shall send his/her written findings to the student’s mailing address on record with the College. The findings must contain, with specificity, the evidence supporting the instructor’s determination. The instructor shall also inform the student of the imposed academic sanctions. The sanction will remain in place unless modified or overturned on appeal.



1. A student who disagrees with the instructor’s decision may appeal to the Vice President. This appeal must be submitted in writing within three (3) business days of receipt of the instructor’s decision and describe, with specificity, why the student believes the instructor’s findings to be in error.

2. The Vice President will conduct an “on the record review” examining the instructor’s written findings and student’s written appeal. The Vice President may require the student, the instructor and any other necessary party to provide additional documents as needed, including written statements, or provide written clarification to submitted documents.

3. After considering the evidence presented, the Vice President will affirm, modify or overturn the instructor’s decision.

4. The Vice President will inform the student via the student’s official College email address of the decision within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the student’s appeal. If an email address is not available, the instructor shall send his/her written findings to the student’s mailing address on record with the College.

5. The Vice President’s decision is final.

Adopted: January 8, 2020